Review by Stella Choi on Song Dong Hun

I came to think about whether there are any leaders around me.
I met him and found out that they were people around me who pretended to be leaders.
He's constantly thinking, challenging, acting…We're working hard to make it happen.
I became a big example, and I also challenged myself to something I had never done before, and I was practicing myself with actions.
As I discovered it, I had the power to stand up for myself.
His good influence is why we admire Bobo Group.
It's my first time doing a network business, and I know that I can't make it without winning people's hearts.
He was a person who made me realize something new.
It made me dream that I should be a person who shares with many people with good influence.
I would like to express my respect, gratitude, respect, love, happiness and joy to Eric Song.
Fighting until the day when our Captain Eric Song's status spreads all over the world.

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