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When you think of an Affiliate Company with Stemcells products that works regardless of your DNA, regardless of mindset, regardless of your skin color or location, it's SuperLifeWorld, no other option.

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SuperLife is a 4-years-old company that is recognized for its stem cell therapeutic superfoods. With its core business as a multilevel marketing and direct selling company, its businesses are conducted under strict rulings and business etiquettes. Working alongside local authorities around the globe and its Switzerland partner Mibelle Group to produce superfoods, have made SuperLife’s business reliable and grow with strong expectations.

2017 Won the Honorary ASEAN Master Class Award in Healthcare Supplement Excellence
2018 Won the Honorary Stevie Award – Startup of the Year
2019 Won the Honorary ESQR Quality Choice Award
2020 Won the Honorary The Brand Laureate SMEs Best Brands of the Decade Award

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