Review by Sybrena Parnell on Nikki Sutherland

Nikki Sutherland is a straight powerhouse! I’ve watched her present her vision & use that to build her global business in network marketing from the ground up! Nikki is an outgoing, confident, charismatic woman with a heart of gold & won’t let anything stop her!

By combining her world class HR training from 15 years in the banking industry with her phenomenal mindset coaching skills & desire to see everyday people win she is delivering unique, life changing leadership & is passing down the blueprint!

Nikki is always working on her personal development & passes down what she learns so others can benefit too. She is also continuously up skilling again not just for her own progress but to give as much value to her team & beyond as possible.

Nikki ensures she’s always fully up to date with her products. She is fantastic at teaching others how to get the best value from their businesses with the knowledge she has worked hard to gain.

My life has fully changed from accessing her mentorship! A new spiritual strength, a renewed growth mindset & my income & skills continue to grow! I’m so grateful to be connected to her.

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