Review by Sylvia Amatta on Seacret Direct

When I first joined the industry I did not know what to expect. Seacrets has given me a chance to live again, to believe in myself and also to have a dream and vision is being able to support both family and friends.
The products I am in love with the most are the mud soap, salt and oil scrub plus the milk and honey mositurizing cream. I trust that soon I will be in a position to do more for my family once the income is constant which will require hard work from my and my team. I believe the vision that Izak has is totally incredible and I can't wait for his next transformation or should I say the next disruption in the market. The products are truly mind boggling, the services well the trips speek for themselves its just a WoW moment for me with everything they have in store.Thank you so much Izak for changing my life and the lives of others. We believe in your vision and I am ready to walk with you from now to eternity because the income and the wellness plus the travel and beyond what words can express.

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