Review by Terea Hatfield on Truvy

I joined Truvision Health 3 years ago, not expecting much. I've never been in direct sales, and was honestly just scratching another diet (that probably wouldn't work) off my list. I lost 10 lbs my first week and was hooked after that. Unfortunately, the lady that sold me my products wasn't much help, but in like a wave rode this giant support team. They took me under their wings and answered all of my questions… over and over again. I was able to shift my family from living on welfare and into the middle class. Here we stand, in the middle of this 2020 Pandemic. My husband, who has always been the family breadwinner, has been laid off for 9 weeks now with zero unemployment checks. 3 years ago, this would have DEVASTATED our family. Today, Thanks to Truvy, we are blessed enough to not have to worry about it. Our bills are paid, there's plenty of food in the house, and we have even completed several home renovations during this time. I've even been blessed enough to make sure my mother is taken care of as well. This company saved us!

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