Review by Teresa Leverier Garrett on Total Life Changes

Nutraburst is Amazing. I hadn't taken Vitamins in years before beginning my Daily Nutraburst regimen in March. My Body has quickly responded in the Most Positive ways to now receiving the Daily dose of Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients needed. I was absolutely sold I must say when I read that 1 tablespoon is equivalent to 10 salads. I never imagined eating 10 salads in 1 setting, but what better way to fill up than on Healthy Greens. My 3 Daughter's, My Husband and Myself are forever Grateful for Nutraburst and TLC. I purchased Gummy Vitamins for my daughter's at 1 time, but I'm pretty sure they ate them up just because they enjoyed the flavor. With Nutraburst they can actually feel the effects of 1 tablespoon, they don't eat up my entire refrigerator in an hour time span, and they're just happier about the day; even if it's in Qurantine.

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