Review by Tichelle Erickson on Truvy

Truvy has changed my life. I was a skeptic at first and stacked the page for a year before I finally jumped in. I was setting myself up for failure as everything else that I tried had failed in the past. When I got my package I was kinda excited asking myself could this really work. The next morning I took my 1st dose and that morning I felt good, I wasn't tired and actually wanted to do something beside sleeping. After my second dose at lunch time, I was outside for the 1st time in a long while playing soccer with my kids. I remember my kids asking are you alright mom? 2 years later, keeping busy is my new normal as before sleeping every moment I could was my normal. 95lbs gone forever. Went from 4xl shirt to XL size 26 pants to 18/20. Still have another 100lbs to go and can't wait to see that goal. The corporate team is awesome, they treat us all like family! I am Truvy! Living the TruLife forever! Thank you.

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