Review by Tim Edwards on Xelliss

After analyzing 150 companies, from a timing/pay plan perspective it made sense. 7 yrs old…but new in America…not a high-risk start-up…but start up growth. Being at the top of this profession for 28yrs…and coaching leaders in my semi-retirement…I've seen all major brands. The challenge with this is…you can know…"too much"…which leaves you with no options. I can honestly say…I’ve never seen the combination of science/value on this level. Another critical component is their European roots…a old world honor and integrity you just don't find in the U.S. Being from Texas…I was looking for "my last rodeo"… and the man upstairs brought me this company…it’s so rare and special. It's a program where many Top Leaders will proudly plant their flag…and finish their career here. I thought I was destined to just reminisce about the good old days. I've finally found something I can pour my heart and soul into and finish my last at bat…with a GRAND SLAM. In my humble opinion…this will be the greatest story ever told in Network Marketing.

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