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What is Q Sciences?
Q Sciences (Q is for quintessential) is a health and wellness supplement company. It was started by former Super Bowl champion Marc Wilson.
Q Sciences is primarily a line of wellness supplements featuring vitamins and minerals that help to support mood, sleep, focus, digestion, energy, and weight management.
The company features products produced with science-backed research as well as NATURE in mind. That means that the products are created with nature’s best, most-researched ingredients. The result is super high-quality product lines that, while leaning a bit on the crunchy side, are scientifically proven to work.
Q Sciences is also an industry leader in hemp. They have found a way to increase absorption of nutrients up to 17x the normal industry rate using BIOSYNC (a technology that makes ingredients water soluble) for their hemp products, meaning they are of way higher quality.
Q Sciences has a very simple one-page compensation plan that pays on infinite levels.
Q Sciences business will begin rewarding your bottom line right away through customers sales commissions, monthly team commissions, promotional bonuses, and additional financial rewards.

Your future self will thank you for investing in yourself today!

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