Review by Victoria Gulenova on iGenius

If you CANNOT explain what your current relationship with money is, then you NEED the services and the technology iGenius offers to the retail customer.

It is one thing to accumulate money, but another to build and sustain wealth. If you talk about iGenius and only mention its educational and lifestyle services like high-quality financial market education, access to cutting-edge technology and guidance from day 1 into the financial world, you would be looking at the platform only at its surface.

It is the culture, the people, the ecosystem that provides you with people who think and function like you. People who said 'no' the dogmas put by society that you are what your degree or your job says about you, and definitely said 'no' for trading 40 years of your life for potentially 10 years of enjoying life (no guarantee).

Make the right choice for yourself, open your eyes and be bold! Your dream life is not within your comfort zone. REACH OUT!

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