Review by Victoria R. on Healy World

The HEALY is the answer to all questions!
I have been a StarTrek Fan since I was small years old and always wished to live in the future, as the moto goes "TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO MEN HAS GONE BEFORE…" My wish came true in more ways than one!
The HEALY came into my life in early 2020, (before this world entered the place where no humanity has gone before), fear, uncertainty, keas in some ways set in world wide, depression and so on. I started to use my little device and together with my husband we've noticed an upbeat mood, a spring in each other's step and most of all a certain calmness.
Now, our parents who are in their 80's are regular users of the device as well, they've never felt better (their words).
I wish for everyone to have a chance to experience the HEALY for themselves just for a week or two, you too will be amazed of what you are capable of once you are running on your aligned frequency.

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