Review by Vikki Thompson on TS-Life

Ripped off and mis-sold a fake dream. Claims of 5 & 6 figure earnings is a false claim. None of these girls are making this kind of money, You will never make this amount doing this! Only people making money are the ones recruiting you which is called Your upline! They will manipulate and sell you false promises and get you to spend money just for them to benefit from it. They have no interest in your financial well-being only their own profits! Avoid like the plague. Plus giving out health advice about products when you aren’t qualified to do so didn’t feel right to me. Lost my original investment and a bit more trying to keep my “leader” happy with my performance. She pressured me from the start to get more recruits and sales and when I gave it up I got really nasty messages from her. Stay away if you like having friends.

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