Review by Wanted Level 5: Cory Kromray on iX Global

People that joined this IX Global scam company of which were warned for several months before it had "Acquired" Driven Trading (Called that scam that ended up flopping over a year ago as well) Just be rest assured that this matter will all be figured out as per complaint as currently involved with an agent with the SEC from a recent submission of a complaint and have provided all of the details on this individual involved including the other counter parts of the operation such as Travis Flaherty whom also pushes the "mining" scam with the phony "nodes" that don't even exist it's just a crypto mining scam and you'll never recover your initial investment. Notified and the local county in Wisconsin has also been notified of Kromray's current address of 8550 Oakpark Circle, Minocqua, Wisconsin. Kromray is a big time scammer who has a fake life on leased cars and a fake house that is a trustee's deed Send your reports to the SEC and CFTC immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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