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?. ????? – ????????? ????? ???? ??? ?? ???? – This is our flagship product which rejuvenates your cells and triggers the release of your stem cells which replace damaged cells with new viable healthy cells thereby repairing organs and tissues. A box of 15 sachets taken every morning 1 hour before food or drink i.e on an empty stomach. STC30 knows no disease: When administered into your body, it works to stimulate the rapid multiplication or replication of those cells responsible for repairing other cells in your body. These cells are called stemcells. As we age or grow older, our stem cells get to be fewer and fewer because of continuous usage. Everyday millions of cells die in our bodies. These need stem cells for them to be replaced, repaired or rejuvenated. Therefore, as the stem cells are working in our bodies, they also get fewer such that they will no longer be adequate for repair of every organ whose cells malfunction. Taking STC30 gives a boost to such stem cells such that their quantity will start increasing yet again. When this happens, your body's ability to heal or repair itself will be boosted or increased. ?????: $70

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