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Top Leader Cindie Wang Joins Ascira

Top Leader Cindie Wang Joins Ascira

Cindie Wang proudly represents ASCIRA as an International Brand Ambassador. Ms. Wang’s renowned experience and collaboration with global educational leaders has allowed her to create a platform for exceptional training and motivational speaking. Cindie was born ...
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Top Trainer Tim Sales: Don't Depend On Anyone But Yourself

Top Trainer Tim Sales: Don’t Depend On Anyone But Yourself

Tim Sales says: “Don’t count on any one company, or product, or compensation plan or a downline – you can only count on yourself…” Whoa.  Are they serious with this stuff? Their “advice” might sound good ...
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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 1 review)
Ted Nuyten 2019-12-30 11:24:22

When I started in Network Marketing Tim Sales information was incredible important to me 🙂 I have learned as newbie a lot from him.

He produced the video titled, “Brilliant Compensation” in 1998 which has been downloaded over 44 million times because it helps a person see Network Marketing for what it truly is… a business. His other tools, Professional Inviter and Professional Presenter, also contributed to the shift in the Network Marketing profession from a “part-time thing” to a true profession.

Brilliant Compensation and Professional Inviter, two of the most popular training products in the industry, to equip entrepreneurs with the skills to become network marketing professionals and top leaders within their companies.

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