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  1. I love the ACT Energy Drink. I own a coffee shop right next to a high school here in Longmont Colorado. The kids love the price, the flavor and the energy. AND…it’s healthy so the parents love it too!

    On the business side…it is Generation Y on steriods! I have never seen more passion and excitement! Wow!!

  2. DrinkACT is the best kept secret in the network marketing industry. Free sign up with products cheaper than any retail or MLM competitor, the ground floor opportunity of a start up with the backing of a 13 year old 50 million dollar infrastructure of Youngevity.

  3. DrinkAct has it all, Product -second to none!, Instant results – 5 minutes last for hours! , demand in marketplace – people want and need extra energy! Company support , stability, and integrity! A growing marketplace! up 50-60 % a year.

  4. Just saw your New Energy Drink Review on your site & ACT is a Good Drink at a Very Cheap Price. I was unaware of Xowii & Pur3x and look forward to trying them as well, your top pick Verve-Vemma is really tasty like ACT but, has more healthy ingredients as you say. Gracias!

  5. In comparison to other credible organizations, DRINK ACT is not even on the same planet as a XANGO, MONA VIE, or a XOWii. XOWii is the only company that has it’s Flagship Products all Certified by an outside source in Brunswick Labs. There are some great opportunities out there, but remember you must stake your name on the reputation of a product line. It’s not the company, it’s you that creates a “brand.”

    With that, in my opinion, you want to stick with all-natural, nutrient dense, anti-oxidant rich products that the body can recognize and absorb. There is a reason why Mona Vie was the fastest company to reach $2 Billion in sales, faster than Google and Microsoft combined. There is a reason why XOWii was the youngest company ever featured in “Success from Home” Magazine, as well as picked as a Top 20 Opportunity in Businessforhome.org in it’s “pre-launch” phase of month 5. It’s the quality of nutrition backed by comp plans that work. Compare the XOWii Comp plan to Drink Act, Mona Vie, and Xango. Compare it to any opportunity. It’s amazing, especially when you truly receive your product for FREE after you sign FOUR.

    I have friends that I help who are involved with other companies. That’s what is truly great about this industry. It’s truly “The Business of the 21st Century” as Kiyosaki writes. Share from the heart, be honest and open as to what you do and how you succeed. Share what doesn’t work too.

    No matter what you look at, make sure you understand it and love it. Drink Act products sure are better than Rockstar or Red Bull. When you look at their comparisons for nutrition, they don’t compare with a Mona Vie, Vemma, or XOWii, they compare with Red Bull and Monster. Then, when they compare price, they add in the other credible network marketing organizations because their product is cheaper to produce and lower quality. They don’t teach or say why it’s cheaper. Then their distributors go out and push “price point” without referencing a “why” it’s cheaper.

    With great moral authority and integrity, I can’t support Drink Act. Stand by your product for what it is. If it comes in cheaper. Great. If it does not…great. People go out and buy Naked Juice and Odwalla at the store for $3.99 – $4.39 per unit. Why? They perceive a value in the nutrional content of the product. I would take XOWii THIN, XOWii ENERGY or Mona Vie EMV any day at $3 delivered to my door (or free in my case) than Naked Juice, Odwalla or any DRINK ACT product.

    Facebook: XOWii Ventura & -Peter Dean Bouloukos-
    Yours in Success,


  6. I find PDB’s post rather humerous. Shortly after the article in Success from Home magazine, Xowii had to merge with evolve or go broke. Also over half the reps featured in the article left the company after the merger. They are now with TNI.. Needless to say DrinkACT has a superior product, not just the energy drink but also the nutrional drinks and products. We have the proof to back it up. DrinkACT”s comp plan is better as well. No one else has a 40pv autoship and anything over 40 you get paid on and it only takes 2 to be active and get paid..

    to everyone’s success

  7. opportunity is toast, intl growth a myth, bv & titles being given out like candy, no leadership or marketing (even bizforhome gave them a 1/10 for marketing) direction or vision, jensen hates dehart and viceversa & rumors of youngevity finally puttin drinkact under their unilevel umbrella w/all the other weak companys that never made it seem to be truthful

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