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Rod Cook is the MLM Watchdog and is a leading expert (40 years of experience) and the only person to write an Illustrated book on Compensation Plan failures,  Binary Compensation Plans,  Hybrid Compensation Plans,  Matrix  Compensation Plans,  Multi-Affiliate Compensation Plans, Pyramid Compensation Plans,  Stair Step Compensation Plans,  Unilevel Compensation Plans,  Distributor Rights, Distributor Terminations, Internet Fraud, Internet Pyramids,  and Internet Scams.

The MLM WatchDog handles MLM complaints, MLM Experts, MLM Laws, Multi-Affiliate, MLM / Multi-Level Marketing, MLM Pyramids, MLM Scams, Network Marketing Failures, Network Marketing Pyramids, Network Marketing Scams, Pyramid Schemes, Ponzi Schemes.


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  1. Rood Cook’s website is the best place on the Internet and in the MLM world to Find Out the truth about Pyramid Schemes, Bad MLM Companies, Good Network Marketing companies, Scams, cheats and crooks. The only really truthfull and honest tracking of the MLM, Multi-Affiliate and Network Marketing Industry on the face of the earth!

  2. Rod Cook NEVER sleeps! He is watching out for all of us from every direction! This industry would be much less safe for all of us if we didn’t have Rod and Marcie Cook! They are terrific and I love them both. Having them in my life saves me so much time and so many wrong moves. I just had a major crisis in my life when XELR8 ripped my check from me and the FIRST CALL I made for advice was Rod Cook. That’s where he fits in my life! God bless Rod Cook!

  3. Rod Cook is the truth detector of our industry. I tell everyone that joins my team to read If Rod Says it, I believe it. I read his website and consider it the main source of facts for our industry. Without Rod and his reporters, I personally would have been sucked into a ton of bad deals, and Rod has saved US all a ton of money, and time..Those of us that read his site are way ahead of the curve, and the courage Rod has to stand up and speak the truth has helped this industry more than any company or person ever could.

    Meeting Rod on the mlm cruise in 2007 was one of the highlights of my career. Swapping war stories, learning as much as I could from his vast knowledge of this industry was a real treat.

    If Rod says it, predicts it, warns against it, or suggest that a person should look at a company, I do not hesitate. I would take Rod’s advice over anyone in this industry(well, at least a tie with Tom Chelnault, Tom’s a very awesome person also)

    Rod has helped our industry as much or more than anyone else I know and I admire him, and respect him, and just wanted to say THANK YOU ROD and GOD BLESS YOU and your wonderful Wife…

  4. Rod Cook aka “The MLM Watchdog” should be called the MLM Bulldog. In 2004, Rod went out on a limb and started mentoring me on the lowdown. At first it was just little emails he would send giving me some slight correction.

    By, 2008 I had grown enough for him to ask me to sit on the Board of Directors of the DRA (Distributors Rights Association)and that is when things really got interesting.

    He started teaching me what to look for on the inside of companies to see if they were legal or not. He shared some of his secrets on designing compensation plans, and what works and what doesn’t work.

    I can say from the bottom of my heart, if you qualify to become a client of Rod Cook, then you have hired one of the best compensation plan creators in modern MLM history.

    But… If you are running a scam, screw your distributors, are a crook, who would sell their mother’s soul to the devil in order to make a buck, then what your back, because Rod Cook will hunt you down, and tell the world of your unethical standards.

    God broke the mold with Rod Cook.

    Thank you Rod for taking this Maverick under your wing.

  5. Rod Cook aka â??The MLM Watchdogâ? has save my butt and several thousand people I write for and talk with each month. My radio show Networking with the Blindguy that has world wide listeners carries Rod Cook’s message all over the world.

    I agree with all teh other comments here if you want to stay out of trouble in MLM talk with Rod first and review his site.

    I am behind Rod Cook 100% and he can always ask for my help and backing anytime. (PS not that he needs it but he has it.)

  6. When Rod Cook speaks, the Network Marketing World should listen. Rod acheived his knowledge the old fashioned way, ‘He Earned It!’ His experience, integrity and contacts are above reproach. Unlike many others associated with our business, Rod does play favorites… they’re called THE TRUTH! One of my favorite phrases from Rod is, “If the truth hurts, your’ve been lying to yourself.” Everyone in the industry can learn from Rod.

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