ACN under Fire in the USA?


The Montana AG by filed pyramid charges against  ACN Inc., a North Carolina-based multilevel-marketing company that bills itself “The World’s Largest Direct Seller of Telecommunication Services,” the state of Montana accused ACN of operating a pyramid scheme.

Monica J. Lindeen, Montana’s Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, has issued a cease-and-desist order against ACN and a Notice of Proposed Agency Action. “Pyramid schemes are immensely profitable to a few individuals at the top and a complete loss for almost everyone else,” Lindeen said. “The actions against ACN and its officers seek to shut down the company’s alleged unlawful operation before more people lose their hard-earned money.”

Investigators said the odds of making any money in ACN were overwhelmingly against participants.
“In 2008, ACN recruited 91 Montana participants who paid approximately $61,741.69 to be a part of the program,” Lindeen’s office said. “Only two of the participants made any money, with one participant making $696 and the other making $700.”

In the whole of 2009, according to investigators, Montana-based reps paid ACN nearly $239,000 to be a part of the program. The money came from more than 300 participants.

“ACN’s records indicate a mere $896.86 was paid out in compensation to these participants,” Lindeen’s office said.


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