Monavie Revenue 2010 under heavy pressure?

Business For received information about MonaVie's revenue from an anonymous source. We guess it is an insider / employee who is for some reason not happy with the company.  It gives our readers an interesting view  in the Monavie kitchen. Keep in mind that we make a BIG DISCLAIMER on this, the information can be reliable, or not. You decide….

Monavie does not publish updated actual distributor earnings anymore (Last one is from 2008-2009) which is not a good sign. Therefore this figures could be reliable and could be the 4 weeks revenue from somewhere around February – April 2010. More reports are coming in that Monavie's revenue is under heavy pressure.

In 2009 Monavie's revenue has been around $785 million, based on this figures 2010 revenue will be around  $600 million a 20% – 25 % decline.  The USA is the Nr. 1 market with 76 %, followed by Japan 9%, Canada 8%, and Australia 2%. Japan is growing fast. The decline in revenue for the USA is shocking…

RankCountry52 week averageCountry - YearLast 4 weeksYear / Last 4 weeksChange
United Kingdom
New Zealand
Hong Kong


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Comments (48)

  1. Ted I beleive your treading on dangerous ground here. Your doing a company a diservice with a publication your trying to enrich yourself with to networkers! Many companies experinece growth after fast rises in revenues, it’s not uncommon.

  2. As I am getting some ugly messages in about this post. To be clear; this is not a post to damage Monavie. Business for would publish this kind of information about any company; Noni, Vemma, Zrii, Xowii, Amway, ACN ect, if we had that figures. Without hesitation we will publish any interesting (financial) information about any Direct Selling company! Ted Nuyten – Founder

  3. Hi Ted, i am in Xango, if you put out information like this on Xango, i would not be upset.I just keep my eyes open, sometimes you do not get truth from HQ.The times are hard on a lot of people,i am always looking to see how Xango is doing in other peoples eyes.
    Thanks Hollis

  4. I think that people deserve to know the good, the bad & the ugly about any company. In the interest of full disclosure and transparency. It would be dishonest to hide this information from people.

  5. Suspiciuos and wrong statement. Monavie even haven’t start in Italy yet. How can you have datas from Italy? That means impossible to trust your statement!

  6. Yes Virginia, totally true, Italy has not yet been an open market, pretty suspicious in my moint of vue, anyway if that is true, nothing new under the sun as all network compagny have very high progression and low ones, after low comes back high and so on, it is the long term that count and the history behind, and wich compagny has done so much in so little time in this Industry ?? the best is still to come !!!!

  7. I do not know if all this data is correct, but it would not surprise me. As an ex-Monavie distributor I can fully attest that Monavie has a horrendous retention rate, although that is not unique in the over priced and highly saturated competitive juice business. As for Dalin Larson, he is a class act IMO.

  8. I certainly can’t comment on the validity of these stats, however, I can say that I live in an area that was a very strong base for MonaVie, and they have completely vanished. One to two years ago it seemed that everybody had heard of MonaVie and new a MonaVie distributor. Today, they’re nowhere to be found and there meetings are almost non-existent!

    It will be interesting to see how they try to recover.

  9. I am not surprised with drop of revenue
    after several years of incredible world breaking records growth
    You cannot double in size year after year forever…
    What I am surprised about is that Ted is posting unconfirmed information- received from ?unhappy staffer ?
    It almost sounds like his Vemma needs a shot in the upper arm.(I stress “Almost” here)
    I must say am very happy with “my” Monavie business it hasn’t stopped growing for the moment

  10. And now…. Where is Italy? After my statement you decided to change the data and Italy has mysteriously disappeared. And Brzil is not Brazilia ! Brazilia is the capital of Brazil!! You have to correct that as well.

  11. Question to MonaVie Distributors: Even if this information is TRUE, will you quit and leave your own business just because others, maybe even yourself, are not doing well at the moment?

    Or will you persevere and develop a new gameplan to bring in fresh blood, much like what Amway and NuSkin does year after year without fail? (And yes, they have had years when sales declined, but when you see the overall chart, Amway and NuSkin continues their upward trend after more than 20 years in business! In the case of Amway, FIFTY years.)

    Remember, winners never quit and quitters never win. When a winner makes a decision to win, the facts do not count, the odds do not count, people’s opinions do not count, circumstances do not count – nothing counts except the winner’s decision!

    NOW is the time for you MonaVie Distributors with the integrity to finish what you started to rise up and SHINE.

  12. I would agree with Rykel. As long as you believe in the company’s vision, your vision as a distributor, the products, and yourself too, go and finish the battle.

    There’s nothing to conclude for now, I suggest people should monitor the graph trend. you will know when it is in the danger zone or will it still persevere.

    As for my company, I am fine. Every quarter there’s an innovation with the products that shakes the world every product release – even during recession period.

  13. Why don’t you publish compensation plans while you are at it? They are available to the public. I will send you one if you wish. MonaVie has the most lucrative compensation plan, period. I believe Brig Hart is the #1 networker in the world also. He is there for a reason!! The juice really works also, remember the old ROI return on investment? A $30 bottle of juice a week is a lot less expensive than Doctors that “practice” on you and feed you full of drugs with warning labels on them. Think about it. Fruit or drugs. Thank you for letting me reach the world through your blog.

  14. I would totally believe this as one of the biggest problems with MonaVie is the lack of training & their product, although it really works & did a lot for me, is very overpriced. There is too much competition in the nutritional products category for companies not to have top notch training for their distributors and they need to find a way to keep the product costs down. MonaVie did come out with a survey and asked their distributors what was working and what wasn’t working for them, not to long ago, so kudos to them for doing this.

    I appreciate Ted putting out all of this information that is given to him. It is our job as distributors to find out if the information is true. Wouldn’t you rather hear the truth than not, think about that.

  15. I think it has everything to do with economy. It isn’t something that is essential to survive. I am not here to debate on the berry drinks but lets face it if someone has to cut $100 out of their budget that is going to be one of the first to go. Along with Leaders leaving to other companies much like Mona Vie. Have a great week everyone. God Bless

  16. Dear ted, when you share this kind of information, almost if you tell that you want to stay neutral, you are part of this information. And I?m sure that its touch a lots of new distributor in their dream and work. That is pity.
    Lets do that bad news or rumors they will find somewhere else (if not confirm)?the real competition should be inside of each of us to became better and to find better way to teach people why we love network marketing !
    Everytime a company going down, it?s touch all of us indirectly !
    Sorry for my bad english !
    Best success for your site !

  17. I think the distributors of Monaview “Doth Protest To Much” Seriously if the company is without reproach then what do you care what any one publishes-good or bad. I didn’t need this to know Monavie sales have declined-just check out the heavy hitters who have jumped ship-they don’t do that for no good reason.

  18. I agree 100% with Shannon. Your don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know in a down economy even a very strong company with a non essential product like this will have a higher attrition rate. I personally can’t confirm these numbers but I do know so some reps in Monavie who have taken a big hit on their income. As Shannon said if someone needs to cut $100 bucks from their budget and their choices are to get rid of Satellite TV or Monavie guess which one 99% of people will drop.

    To be assured recession proof income you must use products and services that are not affected by the economy. IE: required services like phone, tv, internet, energy. This is what makes ACN so stable. We deal with products and services people are going to pay for regardless and there is no huge monthly autoship for un-needed products or service.

  19. Dear readers \
    As I have already mentioned…. in this info Ted provided for us??/ They are several countries
    like Malaysia, South Korea and Germany are not published at all ???? and they are, especially…
    Malaysia and South Korea are bringin a lot of revenues just see Monavie advancements for last week:
    and look at the size of that list:
    Is this company in trouble? –are you kidding me…DON’T Think SO… Not sure why Ted has gone this way ??? Usually he was pretty realiable source …

  20. Gotta love how all the lamers pitch their deal on the coat tails of MonaVie. The Xangos and the Xowiis are here as well. Xowii didn’t even show up on the top 100 list so who cares, and Xango was second from the bottom, #99 with only 250mil$ revenue for last year. MonaVie was #17 out of the top 100.

    As far as disclosing revenues, frankly the details are of no business to anyone but the owners of MonaVie. If MonaVie as a private company should disclose revenue details then EVERY company should disclose, but dont play the ‘what have they got to hide’ card. Spend your time changing the law not whining about what MonaVie should or shouldn’t do.

    The only thing controversial about these figures is that they were acquired illegally from a privately held corporation and a bunch of people think that’s completely ok. Pretty sad state of affairs in my opinion.

  21. I can’t comment on whether or not their profits are up or down because no one is admitting who said this. I would like to say that as far as training, it dosen’t get any better than and R3Global. He is the top money earner in all of network marketing. He is in MonaVie and his group is doing like 90% of MonaVie’s business. His system works. You just have to follow it and want it bad enough no to quit. The juice works, no question about that. $135 a month to run a business that could turn out to be a multi million business is nothing compared to a traditional buisness.

  22. Hi, my name is Jean-Marie and I am first french MonaVie distributor since January 2005. I know every founder, and I trust in them. What is most important, few turnovers invented or income paid each week?
    MonaVie has promised that France would open, they open only since May 18, 2010. Before that date, we could not really work.
    With MonaVie, I am a happy retiree who earn a lot of euros and this is just the beginning. My goal is 100 000 euros per month in few years. Thank you very much MONAVIE !!

  23. Well,

    Everyone has written some pretty good comments. Who knows where the information came from. What I do know is there are some great folks at MonaVie who are the backbone of the company.

    When you have set the records MonaVie has set. Brought in the big guns they have attracted. And even lost some big guns to smaller companies, there is no doubt folks will take shots.

    My only concern is that this information might have come from an insider like Ted mentioned. If that is so, then I look at this as I do about the traitor who leaked classified and confidential information to

    It seems ethics have been thrown out the window when it comes to business. People get pissed off, and they want to leak insider info.

    Now, if a crime is committed, then go to the authorities, not to the blogs.

    But if no crime has been committed, then leaking private information is a crime in and of itself. It is a breach of fiduciary responsibility.

    I hope we can get the real true soon for the sale of the hard working MonaVie distributors!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  24. Troy Dooly (previous commenter),

    How can you compare this leaked associate statistical data to that of Wikileaks where classified intelligence is leaked which can cause grave harm to the troops and the US? Monavie is a business opportunity, and for them to withhold statistical data from prospecting associates violates Section 5 of the FTC act; “unfair or deceptive acts or practices”. So it is Monavie who is in violation to begin with. A prospecting business owner has the right to request statistical data about Monavie’s associates prior to signing a business contract with the company. Do you think Monavie has a right to deny that sort of information, and then sue someone when they point out those statistics? give me a break.

    I’ve been revealing the same sort of shocking information about USANA health sciences, Inc.
    I don’t make a penny from the information I reveal.

  25. This post relegates the Business At Home website and the owners efforts to the equivalent of The National Inquire trying to get readership by posting a photo of Brad Pitts half alien half elephant child. This is obviously a low class tactic however it does work. Maybe along the same lines as MonaVie merging with another company and that becoming an April Fools joke. Also posted by this web site lots of facts in this post as well, right? Obviously he is not going to print information about an unknown company as that would drawn no attention. I am all for disclosure however this is a privately held company. People misunderstand this industry enough and focus on the wrong concepts for building a real business. Much of the confusion comes from people doing things that do not benefit the industry as a whole and make it seem as though it is nothing more then a Las Vegas casino game. I would suggest to everyone reading this that we all focus on building our businesses, invest in a relationship (whichever company that may be) and never waste our time with this web sites poor attempts to pose as an actual instrument of information. To the web site owner I would recommend changing your tag line from Worldwide Independent Facts and Figures to just Worldwide Independent Gossip something more in line with the National Inquire image you are so effectively striving to develop. The thing that disturbs me the most is that I too have now wasted my time on this post.

  26. Ted: My brother in law works for Mona Vie in the corporate office. He was laid off today along with lots of other people. Don’t know how many. Someone said half of the personnel but that might be an exaggeration.

  27. Mona Vie has exceptional products. America is struggling economically and if anyone has not noticed, homes are for sale, businesses are for sale, entire strip malls are vacant and the malls are dead. People are holding onto and Industrial Aged model of business and we are clearly immersed in the “Knowledge and Information” Age.

    It’s not easy for some savvy leaders to watch their downlines shift or disappear as people panic, switch companies or drop out of the industry all-together. It’s “Network Marketing” because no matter what anyone say’s, you have to market and continue to market. Many people enter Direct Selling with an “Employee Mindset” and that should up-front be something we all address clearly. Autoship is an “investment” or an “asset” and not a “cost” or “liability.” This is all a language that many do not speak and some just run from.

    Perhaps in Mona Vie’s case, people do not value the nutrition the way they honestly should, and then they see that building a business is actual “work” and they run. They might even follow the “Map Book” for a few month’s and blast through their “Warm Market List” and then realize that even though they were able to recruit 30-50 people…that doesn’t mean that each person is “dialed in” as to the firm internal commitment it takes to open up a business concept. With such a minimal investment to get into business, we all know people are wired to make excuses and rationalize their way out of consistent and dedicated work.

    Compound that with a horrible economy and we see companies merging, companies eliminating their “direct selling angle” and others just going out of business.

    If you are passionate about your product line, focus on sharing products and be genuine about it. All businesses have market fluctuations, and business as well as marketing is always a conservative investment of time. Never panic when you build a business, and do it from the heart. If your “truth” is money…you will chase and fall into a trap where complaining, contending, comparing and excuse making becomes the norm.

    People are scared in America. Washington and this “change” is not helping where confidence or personal finance is concerned either. Watch for a major boom in this industry by 2013…just a few years into the Baby-boomers retiring and hopefully an honest “change” in Washington.

    Yours in Success,

    Peter Dean Bouloukos

  28. All the juice companies are in trouble due to the claims they make about their products….it wont be long before you see the FDA coming down on all of them. Big pharmaceutical companies pay billions to have their products tested and approved ..the days are over where they stand on the sidelines and watch insignificant juice companies try to take their markets with products that really don’t work

  29. Oh My Gosh, Paul you asked Paul to put out the compensation plan for everyone to see because you believe that it is the most lucrative compensation plan out there.

    I was in Monavie for 4 and 1/2 years. I will tell you when i stopped thinking with my heart and starting thinking with my head here is what i found,

    I was paying $245.00 a month for two cases of juice. What i received for that was 200 points in my upline. It was not even put in my own business center. Also why is it only 200 in volume why wasn’t it 245 which is what i spent. Well that told me they were stealing 45.00 a month from me. I would not let someone walk in my house every month and steal 45.00 from me and walk out. Would You?

    Also what i will never do in a brick and mortar business is let someone pay me 10% of my worst sales team every week. That is what is happening in Monavie. For all of you that is talking so great about Monavie you know there is no way would own a regular brick and mortar business and let yourself get paid that way. No you would kake sure that you got paid on all the work you do.

    Last but not least, for everyone here that is blinded by this company here is a simple question for you. I already know what the answer is but we will find out how truthful these Monavie believers are. In order for you to get the volume that you purchase to go through your business center this is what you are doing. You will go to the last person that you personally sponsored in your lesser leg and purchase product that way it flows upward through your business center. The funny thing about that is people in Monavie justify that by saying, “We do that so we can help everyone between you and whoever you purchased the product from their back office.”

    Here is the question and here is where the honesty should come out in all of you even Dallen. If you have to circumvent the compensation plan to get volume to go through your business center on your personal purchases, would you agree with me that the system is broken? Now lets see who is really honest here.

    Ron P

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