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Direct Selling Attorneys

Kevin ThompsonThe MLM Attorney from Thompson & Burton, as their 40+ partners.

“If you’re seeking expert legal guidance on matters related to direct sales, multi level marketing, and network marketing, our team at Thompson Burton has got you covered. Our seasoned attorneys possess a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding MLM businesses, ensuring comprehensive advice on issues of pyramid scheme legality, multi level marketing compliance, and direct sales regulations.

Trust in our team at Thompson Burton to help you navigate the complex landscape of MLM marketing and protect your interests within this industry.”

Direct Selling Software

MLM Protec

“Thousands of MLMs startup and run into a roadblock with their tech. The biggest pain point for owners is now solved with our affordable, scalable, and easy to use solution.

It can be a software jungle out there and we’ve heard some horror stories. Poor service, high prices, and long turn around times. We decided to build the most reliable MLM software to provide seamless support with all the features needed for day-to-day operations. We built MLM Protec to deliver disruptive technology for the MLM industry at an affordable price.


“Minds is a Multi Level Marketing Software founded by David Iachetta in 2018 that evolved from the Bravon platform. Minds goal is to connect people, products and business opportunities. Over time, we have improved our software’s features and worked on a more intuitive interface to offer our customers a better user experience.

With an outstanding record in digital-based expertise and passionate about gamification and behavioral economics, David Iachetta developed his soft and hard skills, since 2000, by investing in and developing disruptive businesses and ambiguous challenges.

Throughout his career, David has had international exposure in Belgium, then Luxembourg, Portugal, France, and the UK, where he has developed a deep understanding of the global business and multicultural environment. This is how he has built his reputation and position in the European business world.

In 2018, David identified a need in a niche market within the Direct Selling industry. Working together with is team, he developed what is now one of the most advanced management software solutions for Direct Selling, Affiliates, and Network Marketing.”


“Exigo offers a range of proven and robust products and features designed to boost performance. The platform is trusted by hundreds of businesses worldwide, delivering unrivaled efficiency and results. Whether the business needs commission management tools, data, and reporting features, or user-friendly admin tools, go with Exigo to take your business to the next level.

Whether it’s your first dollar or billionth, go with Exigo for the most comprehensive direct sales platform available in the world. From commissions and predictive analytics to distributor tools and eCommerce, Exigo is the only platform in the MLM industry proven at scale to drive revenue and ROI.”

Direct Selling Commission Payment


“International Payout Systems, Inc. (i-payout) pioneered global payment solutions and financial technology innovation. Our platform grants companies unparalleled access to send and receive payments worldwide, catering to nearly every country in local currencies. Our payment mechanisms include bank transfers, payment to existing credit cards, wire transfers, check payments, cash pickups, gift cards, PayPal, UnionPay, and an array of local payment choices.

In our drive to optimize operations, we have integrated a gamut of management tools into our systems. These include a developer-friendly API, a digital wallet, and a Management Console that heightens operational capabilities and permits customized reporting.

Harnessing the power of nearly 20 years of experience in mass payment disbursement, i-payout utilizes its award-winning SaaS financial technologies to address the intricate payment needs of our diverse clientele around the globe, irrespective of the industry they represent.”


“The idea of PayQuicker began when founder and CEO, Paul Beldham, saw many drawbacks for clients and their payees with e-wallet payout solutions. Wallets did not provide payees with access to their earned funds at the time of payment. Payments were held in a commingled account to make money on float. It took payees time and effort to move money to their card. If they lost the card – the money was gone. Beldham knew clients and payees were not happy with this solution.

The PayQuicker team quickly set out to develop a secure payout solution that delivers instant payments to a payee-owned insured bank account linked to a debit card. As soon as a payment is made, funds are available in the account and available to spend instantly through a virtual card, with a plastic debit card, or by loading the card to a mobile wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay. Instant payment. Instant spend.”

Direct Selling Collaboration

MDC Marketplace

MyDailyChoice’s newly launched marketplace has led to many collaborations with high quality brands. Bringing to market hundreds of products spanning various categories, a lucrative compensation plan, and cutting-edge technology. Affiliates can not only continue to purchase their favorite products, but they now have access to hundreds of new products and even digital products that can be marketed in 200+ countries. MDC sets the stage for the future of MLM collaborations, with partners such as:

SAVVI enters the MDC Marketplace as the exclusive activewear apparel brand. SAVVI Affiliates can not only continue to purchase their favorite products from SAVVI, but they now have access to hundreds of new products and even digital products that can be marketed in 200+ countries.

Metron Nutraceuticals. with a steadfast commitment to enhancing individual wellness, Metron brings forth a new era of dietary supplements distinguished for their exceptional quality, innovation, and effectiveness.

NFT Wine Club, premium wine direct to your door. Experience fine wines of Napa Valley with our direct-to-consumer wine club. NFT Wine Club is cultivating a community where wine lovers, luxury, metaverse, blockchains, and collectibles meet in real life.

Vescence is an earth conscious provider of clean, natural, and functional fragrances that are radically different to traditional fragrance.

Proceller8 products cater to diverse needs. Whether you’re an athlete, a busy professional, or seeking to improve your health and wellbeing, their range of products has got you covered.

UVé Beauty’s professional makeup tools that are up to 99% bacteria-free help skin stay cleaner, which helps with premature aging. Using the most advanced material technologies and design, our tools provide unmatched application and blend while remaining clear of unwanted microbes, leaving your skin cleaner, healthier and smoother.

And many brands more.