Global Wealth Trade (GWT) Review

Ramin Mesgarlou - CEO


Sanaz Hooman Global Wealth Trade Lead designer

Global Wealth Trade Corporation (GWT Corp) is founded by Ramin Mesgarlou, AKA The Forensic Networker and he sold it first distributorship in April 2005 from his home office in Ontario, Canada.

From these modest beginnings, the small jewelry company kept growing and gaining strength through an evolving product line and a parade of innovational triumphs unprecedented in the history of fine jewelry driven by lead designer Sanaz Hooman.

Due to its rapid growth, the company had to expand its head office five times between 2005 and 2010, finally relocating its world headquarters from Ottawa to Toronto in 2008.

The corporate website has a very elegant design, unrivalled in the Direct Selling world and is devided in a business section and a designer gallery for customers. GWT Corp is the only direct sales company to offer luxury commodities in a form of designer fine jewellery and goods. Annual estimated revenue $15 million and 7,000+ consultants. 90% in Canada and the Carribean.


Business For Top 20 OpportunityWe rate Global Wealth Trade as an great opportunity if you like to be involved into the combination of designer jewelry / high proft designer lines and an awesome Direct Selling business opportunity.

GWT has an visionary CEO with hands-on Direct Selling experience and great field distributor leadership to expand the opportunity, with over 20 years of experience, creating already 8 millionaires in the process. 

It is absolutely a high end top 20 opportunity based on vision, product line, compensation plan and leadership integrity.

The binary compensation plan pays out up to 70% and there are 6 ways to earn. 3 are based upon ones activity and input, 2 are residual streams of income for generations and one is a life style change with free vacations, shopping sprees and luxury high end cars.The marketing plan is based on value for the end customer, with strong support for the GWT member.

Retail customers can order directly from the online galleries by using members’ websites to access GWT’s vast inventory of designer fine jewelry and other designer goods. The company prepares the jewelry and other designer goods, and ships them properly packaged directly to the end customer. Commissions and bonuses are paid weekly, on the company’s own Master Card with global acceptance.

Global Wealth Trade Watch $3,850 Feri Ares

Impressive Keyfigures…

GWT Corp’s average consultant's growth ratio is approximately 122% per year with a consultant's retention ratio of 96%. The HQ is based in Canada.

The brands are being sold in 45+ countries such as North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. GWT Corp has 44 shareholders in Canada.

As of 2010, GWT sold just over 165,000 pieces (jewelry, time pieces, handbags, wallets, purses)

Worldwide annual sales

growth from 2006 – 2009:

Global distributorship

growth from 2006 – 2009:

2006 – 2007: + 112% 2006 – 2007: + 198%
2007 – 2008: + 642% 2007 – 2008: + 712%
2008 – 2009: + 138 % 2008 – 2009: + 230%


The corporate showroom in Toronto – Canada

 Global Wealth Trade Showroom

FERI product line

Feri Mosh Coral $8,400


Global Wealth Trade Gents Diamond Ring $2,450 FM Necklace $34,500

Feri at the Toronto Film Festival, Celebrities endorsements

Top Earners

Reza Mesgarlou $700,000+ – Jamie & Monica Maltman, Rene Liaw, Sue, Val & Christy Maltman, estimated annual earnings $350,000+ Sean Haynes $250,000 – Sherry Zhao & Tammy Fung – Cathryn & Peter Nash – Robert Elsinga, Lior Skaler, Chris Li; estimated annual earnings $180,000+ Florencia Williams, Maria Ghaderi, Boris Gulka, Shaan Singh, estimated annual earnings $80,000+.

Reza Mesgalou – Canada Jamie Maltman – Canada Christy Maltman – Canada Sean Haynes – Canada
Reza Mesgarlou Jamie Maltman Christy Maltman Sean Haynes
Sherry Zhao – Canada Tammy Fung – Canada Robert Elsinga – St. Maarten Lior Skaler – Canada
Shrry Zao Tammy Fung Robert Elsinga Lior Skaler
Florencia Williams St.Maarten Valerie Maltman – Canada Rene Liaw – Canada Maria Ghaderi – Canada
Florencia Williams Valerie Maltman Rene Liaw Maria Ghaderi
Chris Li – Canada Shaan Singh – Canada Carolyn Dickinson – Canada Boris Gulka – Canada
Chris Li Shaan Singh Carolyn Dickinson Boris Gulka

Commited Luxury Consultants


High Alexa Ratings: 4,270 in Canada and 130% growth. is ranked #143,274 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. The site has attained a traffic rank of 4,270 among users in Canada, where about 40% of its audience is located, and the site has been online for more than five years. The site's visitors view an average of 5.7 unique pages per day.

Alexa Ratings GWT March 2011

Corporate address: Canada Office, 50 West Pearce St. Suite 200, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Ontario L4B 1C5, Canada, Tel: 905-482-3078, Fax: 905-482-3079

Get more information, facts and figures about Opulence Global, click here for the Opulence Global overview.

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  1. GWT is revolutionizing the industry! The Free-Flowing Compensation Plan beats every other type of compensation plan hands down. There are only 6,000+ distributors worldwide. The largest designers in the world dream of creating products with the quality, function and design that we have. Our leadership core has 60 years of combined experience and our CEO has personally mentored 8 millionaires in the industry. What else could you possibly ask for?? Either get on the train to freedom NOW or see how long it takes for your row boat to get you there.

  2. This is awesome and it’s my company. Global Wealth Trade. First Canadian Designer House, with the best designer products out there, the best compensation plan, no competition, debt free from day one, awesome Corporate Team, great Ambassadors and Diplomats, incredible mentoring and support, celebrities now wearing our Feri and Feri Mosh Brand, and did I mention it’s MY COMPANY and it dan also be yours! Doesnt get better than that, but what am I saying, IT WILL!!!!!

  3. We are very proud to say that this is Our Company. How awesome it is promoting the world’s most precious commodities. NOBODY in the world has what we have, NOBODY has a Corportate team like we have that is totally dedicated to the success of each individual, NOBODY out there can touch the Compensation Plan we have and what we have to offer. We have the BEST OF THE BEST !! What are you waiting for ?? Don’t miss the opportunity of YOUR lifetime !!!

  4. We are very excited that Brenda was in the right place at the right time to see this business on the first night it was brought to Alberta in Red Deer Jan. /2008. Brenda saw Ramin, our CEO & Founders vision that night in Red Deer, and new she could not pass up this opportunity. Just by meeting Ramin & the rest of the Corporate Staff, she could see the integrity and support we have in this business.
    GWT is built on support & leadership of everyone in this company as well as all the Luxury Consultants. With the Branding of our Feri Products you will see where we will go with the design & quality of all our Products day after day. Ramin has made many promises throughout the last five years, and every time his promise happened on time. Brenda & I are very proud to be Founding members, leaders and Luxury consultants.

  5. I am so proud to be a Luxury Consultant with Global Wealth Trade. We have the BEST products in the world, the most amazing Compensation Plan ever as well as the best culture of “no member left behind”
    (and this truly is how we are)! We are blessed with being led by our wonderful CEO, Ramin Mesgarlou, and his amazing, amazing Corporate Team! I’m soo blessed that I had the foresight to become part of this amazing company when I did. The integrity and love of the Corporate Team for each and every one of us is shown in everything they do.

  6. Global Wealth Trade is so unique in its every aspect from the amazing prestigious products with exclusive designs and function, the compensation plan with 70% pay out, an extra special CEO and corporate team who personally give incredible training, support and mentoring. They work tirelessly to continue to improve GWT for we members. We are so proud to be part of this organization as Independent Luxury Consultants. Yes, your life really can take an exciting new path with GWT. Why not now?

  7. With Global Wealth Trade I saw the unique product, the possibility of being part of 3000 years old protected industry of jewelry, fashion and designer,the unique high payout business plan that doesn’t exist in the industry and the vision of the CEO to revolutionize the industry and be the Top Canadian Designer company in the world. I saw the potential in gwt and I knew the potential in Me. Right place, right person , right time

    Making couple of thousands of dollars weekly or even daily for a 25 years old student who just started in a company in less than a year..! I think it’s amazing..!

    Success and achievement in different places was always possible but the reward and money that I was getting pay before gwt for the effort I was putting was never enough. GWT is the only place that really does deserve and appreciate people’s talent and effort. It’s the only place that I could reach my full potential and make a different in the world. I was recognized by the CEO on the stage on annual convention tour and got on the top income earner list after 8 months being with the company. My vision is to be the World’s Leader for gwt and take Feri and Ferimosh designer brands to the top in the world and help thousands of people to create financial freedom for themselves.
    GWT adds value and prosperity to people’s life and bring abundance in a short periods of time. My challenge was to be the cause in that matter for as many people as I can.

  8. Over the last couple years I had some health issues that just totally turned my world upside down financially and other ways. When I was invited by my Pastor to Global Wealth Trade tour I had just been forced into selling my house. Though I was skeptical in going as I had been burned by a few DS companies I knew the integrity of my pastor. When I saw the tour this is what I thought ?This is how I?m going to get it all back and more?. My previous career was in financial planning for a Prestigious Canadian company. Due to my health I am not able to work as long of hours as I used to.

    The next day I enrolled as a platinum and also enrolled my daughter as a platinum. Although my health was still not good at the time ? the people above me were adding people to my business. So this year July when I really started to work ? I quadrupled my business in 3 months.

    I had been praying to the Lord to keep my dreams alive and help me find ways to still reach my goals?Well PTL he gave me GWT. The Management is the BEST!!! The products are the BEST ? ?Above All?.

    My life goal is to retire early and spend my retirement on missions helping the poor, supporting the kingdom of God and also to leave an inheritance to my children and grandchildren.

    I am blessed to be a blessing!!! Just when you think all is done?God brings streams in the desert.

    Cheers to everyone who is a part of this wonderful business and everyone who is considering being a part. This company…

  9. 1500 words is not enough for what I have to say about Global Wealth Trade Corp. I guess what I wrote a few minutes ago disappeared, after I enter the code a message came out about a pop up blocker. I am not a computer savvy so i will make this short just in case my first comment will be published after all. maybe it was too long and take a while too load.
    I started the business 2 yrs ago and the best decision I have ever done. I will always be grateful to Valerie who sharing the GWT Opportunity to me. Can we do a perfect 10 on the ratings?

  10. This is incredible and it gets better everyday…I visited Global Wealth Trade during their last world convention and I was impressed with everyting and everyone involved in making it a success. The visionary leader Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou stood out impressively. He have some well documented accomplishments that you can find online or in print.

    However, you may not find out that he cares so much about every member or prospect understanding and getting clarity about what GWT is all about, that during a convention after a few people stopped him to ask about several questions, he called all his executive team up front and held a no holds barred impromptu question and amswer session in order for everyone to get clarity..

    Later that night after finding out that a member was celebrating his birthday, Ramin showed uo at the party and gave his support. I don’t know too many CEO’s that make themselves so readily available to prospects and seasoned veterans alike.

  11. I am a rather particular and critical person and before joining this fabulous team I did quite a bit of research and reading. All I could do was sign up. They are incredible in support, training, product and especially encouragement. “NO MEMBER LEFT BEHIND” is absolutely upheld!

    It is impossible to not be impressed by a company that refuses to wait for the world to find them sitting sedately in a corner shining in beauty. In true fashion house style, they shine boldly for all the world to see.

    Join us in our adventure.

  12. As with all great companies, the greatness is limited by the visionary. CEO and President Ramin Mesgarlou has found absolutely incredible corporation partners and has led unwaveringly with predetermined accuracy. Of the many reasons for the high retention ratio, two stand out: extreme quality, luxury, and design in the products; and the maximum potentiality of an outstanding TRUE Residual income, of which all Luxury Consultants have the equal opportunity to attain.

    I am truly honored to address myself as an Independent Luxury Consultant for a Fashion Designer House. I receive and give support freely with simple duplication of systems and effort. If you want to see the revolutionary compensation plan contact an Independent Luxury Consultant near you. Keep your eyes open for the FERI symbol of the round swan, the true name of luxury, quality, and exclusivity.

  13. Thanks to Business For Home for recognizing what this Canadian Company with only 6000 Members
    is bringing to the world which is the best opportunity for Financial Freedom that exists today.

    Global Wealth Trade makes it simpler and easier for our members to create significant income with the least effort that is required in the industry because of the profitably of our product and our free flowing compensation plan.

    Our key ratios are up to 10 times the industry averages!! $10 to $30 earnings per distributor ratio, retention ratio of 84%, monthly reorder ratio of over 67%!! All the keys to long term repeat significant monthly residual income which is why 99% join this industry.

    We are also a part of the most exclusive and lucrative industry on earth. The Designer Fashion world is one where the products carry profits often in excess of 100% and profit on one product can be over $1000. In this world the top companies have all been making record profits in the last 2 years and the top earning dead celebrity comes from this designer world and the person who just became the richest European in the world also comes from this designer world.

    The CEO of Global Wealth Trade Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou comes from 20 years in the industry including many years as a distributor where he became a Millionaire at 25, mentored 11 others and counting to be Millionaires and built organizations over 100,000 and has been featured as a Master Networker in the premiere industry publication…

  14. A Global Wealth Trade member came by my lingerie store with a flier advertising a GWT presentation at one of our local hotels. At a glance I thought it was an opportunity to go and view some jewelry pieces. As I?d intended to add some jewelry to my store, I decided I would attend with a view to obtaining a future supplier.
    That evening my husband had to go out and got back home a bit late so I had decided to call it a night. My husband encouraged me to let us still go as some jewelry might be left. We were expecting to be walking around a room looking at jewelry, instead we were directed to a seated room where the GWT presentation was about half way through. Before the presentation was over I whispered to my husband that I wanted to be a member. However, I was still a bit skeptical because I was involved in a similar business concept before, and also this one sounded TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Did the research, assured and confident … and a proud Platinum Luxury Consultant!!
    I was fortunate to meet and be trained by corporate, including the CEO Mr Ramin Mesga rlou himself, at the Official Caribbean Launch held in St Maarten, May 2010. Awesome training and support! Our company?s ?NO MEMBER LEFT BEHIND? signature motto is NOT a catch phrase…It?s REAL!!
    Incredible CEO! Incredible Team! Incredible products! Incredible Business! And it just keeps getting better and better. Join us now.

  15. In global wealth trade DREAMS DO COME TRUE.I have been in the industry for almost 20 years and been chasing the dream.The promise of industry has always been “work it hard for 3 to 5 years and take the rest off”.Well I had joined 3 different companies and did well with all and did what I was supposed to do except the companies I had joined either did not last or changed pay plan on us.To say that I was bitter was an understatement.I knew that the industry was amazing since we had introduced people to this industry who went on to make millions but why wasn’t it happening for me?So I decided to take time off and rethink this industry for myself until GWT was to be launched and knowing where the CEO of this company was coming from and knowing what kind of person he was that I took action and joined this business.Today after a short 25 months I have a healthy six figure income and work with whom I want,when I want and make as much money as I want.I get to spend a lot of time with my kids and watch them grow up nicely.I am also able to help change a lot of lives around the world.GOD BLESS GLOBAL WEALTH TRADE. 47 COUNTRIES AND COUNTING

  16. Most people think they know, but the truth is … they do not. Global Wealth Trade, Ramin Mesgarlou, The Forensic Networker and the entire corporate team of this organization has, and will continue, to revolutionize the direct selling and networking professions. As a member, consumer and business owner i am excited at what we continue to achieve and know this is just the start for a company that underpromises and over delivers. I encourage you to take a look at what this organization has done and get involved in where it is going. Exclusive high end products, a proven system, self development, business metorship and revolutionary business training (The Forensic Networker) will ensure you have everything you need for unparelled success … just add your efforts.
    I welcome you to explore our products and the compensation plan at

  17. What we appreciate most about Global Wealth Trade is difficult to zero in on, there are just so many exciting aspects of the opportunities GWT offers, but one aspect that comes to mind is the constant Momentum! As Business Owners, Luxury Consultants and Diplomats of Global Wealth Trade, it is impossible to mask our Pride for this Unique Canadian Company that is quickly capturing the hearts of everyone across the Globe. Every where you turn people both inside and outside of the network marketing industry are talking about Global Wealth Trade. From the Ultra Luxury product lines that include something for everyone, FERI and FERI MOSH are becoming a household name without borders! Luxury Consultants not only boast about the dedication and passion that powers the GWT corporate team, but the company itself attracts the most inspiring individuals from all walks of life. If you are looking for a final home, a company that you can be proud to be a part of, a company that truly cares about it’s distributors on a personal level, we encourage you to take the GWT Experience for yourself. Contact us anytime at [email protected] and lets have a conversation.

  18. I am so proud to be a part of Global Wealth Trade. The culture with “No Member Left Behind” is truly not seen anywhere else in the industry. Everyone can find success with this opportunity as the support that’s given not only my business partners, but the executives at GWT and the amazing people on other teams.

    I’m excited to be the 1st person in Washington State to be building this business and offering the opportunity to all of those around me.The product lines are outstanding and in 44 years there has been no company that has offered these product lines with the network marketing model.

    I’m also very lucky to be working directly with Sean Haynes who is a shareholder in the company and one of the top earners.

    Another unique thing about GWT is that we always look to have you talk with someone that you can relate to, whether it’s geography you have in common, a stay at home mom, or a student; we will find that person for you to talk with.

    The leadership is the best I’ve ever seen and truly they do care about each and every member. If this is your first opportunity with network marketing or you are looking for a final home, please come and join us so that we can help make you a success and can help you fulfill your dreams and passions.

  19. Admins, please spell check if you want to sound convincing and not rate yourself perfect in every category there is.

    It’s “divide” not “devide”, “profit” not “proft”.

    People google “Global Wealth Trade fraud”, there’s 442 THOUSAND results, a credible business with reliable and successful management that claims to experience +100% growth will know to spend their “profit” on some PR instead of wasting your time having your people blog and blog and blog and post replies on hundreds of forums attempting to refute people who are calling you scams.

    So with that said, try not to spam your website with ads all over the place, your website does’t look like it belongs to a successful company.

    And all of you owners, are you willing to come out from behind the screen and go face-to-face with future victims and their families when the company goes down- I guess not, as long as it’s not you and your family right?

    But first thing first, SPELL CHECK.

  20. Scarlet of that is even your real name..You do not need to hate.people in GWT are passionate about this business and no haters like you are going to shake them off.
    Google any legitimate name/company with scam in front of it and you will see that unfortunately people like you have something to say about them which are all advise.If you do your research then make sure the source is credible and not just another hater or an ignorant person like you.
    Is not there help for people like you?

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