Amega's USA Master Distributor Stepped Down

Amega's Global North America master distributor, Sam Adams, stepped down this week.

So did distributor, Jason Boreyko, former co-owner of  New Vision. Together they are starting a new MLM company.

Jason Boreyko

Jason Boreyko

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  1. Oh no….Brian has tried his hand at MLM before with iLG and it didn’t fair too well!! He is a great TRainer and Motivator so hopefully this one goes better…..I wish them all well!!!

  2. You’d think that once something has been tried infinitum (motivational oriented MLM’s) and has never worked that people would learn! TPN, Success University, ILG, and the list goes on and on…Most top tier companies now make the likes of Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, and others available through their back offices. Those who either fail to learn from history or choose to ignore it are doomed to repeat its mistakes. Wish them the best of luck, but the model has been attempted on numerous occasions before to no avail.

  3. I’ve worked with these two MLM giants before in Amega and New Vision. They know how to move mountains in network marketing. I wouldn’t be surprised if their new venture soars right to the top. I’m looking forward to seeing what they create. I’m sure its gonna rock! Have they launched yet?

  4. Jason Boreyko is a LEGEND in this industry. I was with his family During New Vision and I can tell you that while he was the CEO is was incredible, once he left so did the heart and tru leadership. I can’t wait to see what he does.
    When is it launching and I would love to be on the ground floor of this one!!!

  5. I have known Sam and Jason and was with both of these men in both of thier company’s.
    What an incredible match this is. This will truley be the talk of the MLM world. I have a feeling this could be the next giant comapany
    to come along. Can’t wait to see what happens next

  6. Once again great to read the report on top people playing hop step and jump best of success to all and should any of these superstars ever feel the urge to work along side one slightly fried Australian Xango distributor please feel free to join me I will glady take your 17,000 distributors in my business, please only log in here one at a time if all 17,000 strike at once we might crash the server. Ready Set Go

  7. This is a very familiar story. MLM starts, MLM doesn’t make it when big time distributors jump ship and a new company starts. The cycle repeats. That’s why I would only join companies with a defined mission – the best one I know of is Send Out Cards. If you’re not familiar check them out at They’ve been running strong since 2004, have consistent leadership over that time, have many people earning exceptional incomes and are poised for explosive growth. I think the reason is, they help people care for one another. That’s a powerful motivator.

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