Jason O’Toole $1 Million Bonus

Jason O'Toole, ViSalus Top Earner was rewarded with $1 million bonus in June 2011.

Jason went from over $100K in debt and never making it in mlm to earning over $100K a month and a $1M bonus in 15 months. Jason is in his early 30s. All a very true inspiring story.

ViSalus is in exponential growth signing up 41,000+ distributors and customers in June.

Kyle Pacetti





Kyle Pacetti was rewarded with a $500,000 bonus.

About ViSalus: ViSalus in 2011 is all about the ViSalus Body By Vi Challenge. It is an innovative solution to getting into better shape, no matter if you want to slim down, tone up or build muscle.

Combining ViSalus life transforming products along with ViSalus online and offline support tools. ViSalus Body by Vi is a nutritional program with recipes, menu plans, exercise videos and programs, and online community support.

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Visalus Alexa Ratings 12 July 2011

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  1. At Vitality in Orlando this weekend, a total of 2.5 Million Dollars in Bonus Checks will be awarded just between 6 leaders… that’s not to mention all the $25K Bonus Checks for new Ambassadors and the $100K Bonus Checks for new 3 Star Ambassadors!

    Just wait til what happens at the next National Success Training after the Challenge 2.0 is launched… the industry WILL be shook to it’s core!

    Ya gotta love the word Exponential Growth! 🙂

    – Yo

  2. You’re rocking out our 90-day health challenge and creating so many new entreprenuers! I LOVE IT! Congrats to you Jason for bring such Leadership to the table and showing us how it’s done! Can’t wait to see you at Vitality in just 3 days and see you go across stage with such passion, purpose and leadership for your team! YOU ROCK MY FRIEND!

    Take Care,

    Congrats to you to Kyle for just being
    a awesome leader for your team and
    earning that HUGE BONUS CHECK!

  3. Soooooo excited about the amazing transformations in people’s lives, health and prosperity!!!! Congratulations to Jay and Kyle for paving the way for MANY more million dollar bonuses to come!!! What’s next, Intergalactic Ambassador???

  4. Amazed at people who would even consider at this point questioning the validity of ViSalus with us CRUSHING THE INDUSTRY. Congrats to my business partners Kyle and Jason I love when the bar is raised, we are waiting for the rest of you the water feels great. If you desire more in life then just settling for what you’ve got, if you want to plug into a simple step by step system, a team that is an absolute blast to be around with an A1 CULTURE, a place where you can really plug in with NO EXPERIENCE, make a RIDICULOUS KILLER INCOME and be able to help so many people that need a solution to 2 epidemics 1. overall health and obesity and 2. finances that are completely dissolving then connect with us and ViSalus.

    Madiba Thompson
    Freedom Force Team

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