Monavie’s Black Diamond’s Brian and Jill Cattano moving to ViSalus

Monavie's Black Diamonds Brian and Jill Cattano (USA) are moving to ViSalus.

A Black Diamond is one of the top paid ranks in Monavie, as of June 2011 Monavie has approx. 35 Black Diamonds.

Brian Cattano posted a breaking news video on YouTube, however removed it. 

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Brian Cattano Visalus



March 2009 they stated:

We were both in the real estate field prior to MonaVie, and Brian was feeling the pinch of the market. MonaVie came at a perfect time for us. I saw an excitement in Brian's eyes I had not seen in years, and I knew he needed to do this. We have to attribute our success in MonaVie to our willingness to 'follow the leader,' as well as the successful system of our upline, mentors and friends: Steve and Gina Merritt, Bob and Linda Robinson, Charlie and Debbie Kalb, Frank and Cindy Soucinek and Brig and Lita Hart.

Many people believe that 'following the leader' means you are weak or can't think for yourself. We found that in following in the footsteps of great leaders, we learned to be great leaders in less time with fewer mistakes. We call that working smarter not harder! Someone once asked us if MonaVie was now our job. We responded with an emphatic, No, it is our passion!

We are passionate about playing an important role in sharing health and wealth with those we love and with everyone we meet. We are passionate about living our dream of sailing around the world with our kids, and we are passionate about helping everyone on our team live their dreams too. This is our life, and we are so proud to be a part of the MonaVie family.

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  1. Another person not taking charge for their own failure and blaming it on MonaVie. When you will all learn, the company does not change, only the belief and perception of the person does.
    Good luck

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