Jus International – HAVVN Closing Down


Dear HAVVN family,

It is with great sadness and tremendous disappointment that I am informing you we have decided to shut down our HAVVN business operations. As you know, we have worked very hard for nearly four years to create a network marketing business with best-in-class products that would provide a genuine opportunity for all of our IBOs, corporate employees and shareholders.

We have poured our heart and soul, countless hours, and millions of dollars, into making HAVVN successful. Despite our best efforts, it has become clear that HAVVN is not succeeding like we expected. Our US enrollments and autoship numbers are down significantly, and are showing no signs of improvement.

Please know that we have not made this decision lightly. We have spent many hours analyzing our current situation, and what we might possibly do to put HAVVN on a profitable course. We have concluded that it can’t be done without significant additional investment, which we are not willing to make at this point.

We recognize this decision will have a significant impact on many of you. I sincerely apologize for this. It is our greatest hope each one of you will find another opportunity that will fulfill your needs. I only wish we could have found greater success together.

Many of you feel passionately about HAVVN products and your health. For a limited time, we are providing access to order products at new prices on HAVVN.com.

It has been my great pleasure to know each of you, and to work with you. I appreciate all you have done to build HAVVN, and wish you every success in the years to come.

All the best,

Richard Durham

Source: https://www.havvn.com/

Former Jus International – HAVVN Leadership:

  • Richard Durham
  • Jason Reading
  • Andrew Dent
  • Seth Miller
  • Cam DeBuck
  • Justin Serra

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  1. Sorry to hear it.
    Must have been a tough decision.
    Wish you all, all the best.

    Remember there are other companies out there.
    Contact me if you wish to hear more about the way we work at NuSkin, with our leading-edge anti-aging products, ageLOC.

    MUCH SUCCESS to you all.

    1. Hi Isabelle, Karen here from Australia.
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      We have the exclusive rights to launch the first line of products that are derived from Adult Stem Cells.
      We are a patented product line proven to repair DNA on a cellular level.
      Endorsed by acclaimed physician Dr. Vincent Giampapa, a leading authority in Anti-Aging.
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      I am the Australian/New Zealand Founder. We have launched the product into Australia just a few short months ago, with an e-commerce platform making it easy to expand internationally.
      If you would like to know more information, please contact me at any time. I am only looking for 2-3 motivated networkers that are smart enough to know that this is a ground-floor opportunity with a WORLD FIRST product line . We have NO competition – yet !
      My email address is – [email protected]
      My mobile no is 0412 722 294
      You can also find me on Facebook, under my full name and also under ‘Jeunesse Aust/NZ’

      I hope to hear from you.
      Cheers ! Karen Bleakley.

  2. Hi Ted,
    Really sorry to see HAVVN go. Many enthusiastice Distributors have had their hopes dashed and that is always sad to hear. I truly hope they will quickly shrug off their natural disappointment and soon find success elsewhere in this incredible industry.
    Have to ad though that unfortunately this is not the last company which will be forced to close it’s doors as markets change.
    John S.

  3. Very sad indeed. It happens in all forms of business, traditional or NWM and we can only wish everyone involved the brightest abundance possible for their futures. it’s that little phrase “this too shall pass” that may comfort. So sorry to hear.

  4. This news is very sad especially at this time of year. Having been involved in the network marketing industry a number of years and making the decision to pickup the pieces and move on is never easy. However, that is what must happen. The industry is strong and there are many good companies with good leadership and good strong products. In this economy it is important to take the time to investigate and pick a company that is tied to products and services that people will need and use no matter what the economy does. Best of luck to all involved. Henry Reams

  5. The MLM industry is great but this economy is brutal. A lot of companies are struggling to make it as sales are flat domestically.
    I went through 7 companies looking for the right opportunity. life is about getting back up after you get knocked down. Best wishes to all of you!

  6. So sorry to learn this news. Shutting down a company is never an easy decision. Especially tough on the Distributors since the capital plan is not their responsibility. I hope and pray that the HAVVN Distributors will take their experience, skills, and lessons learned and move forward to find a permanent, stable and successful home in our great industry. I was with a company that failed in the late 1990’s. That painful experience positioned me for the blessings and abundance that Vemma has provided to me and my family. (We just had our first $1 million day yesterday! 🙂

    This too shall pass. Focus forward with positive expectancy.

    Prosperous Regards,

    Jeff Hooks

  7. The shutting down of HAVVN will hurt many in Utah and beyoud. The future of business and success will be in three areas, Health Care, Energy and Technology. The icons of technology are leading the world wide expansion of communications. Learn who they are and where they’re investing their millions.

  8. Just offering these people an opportunity to make money in Organo gold. I will even guarantee there start up investment that they will not lose it. I am sad that these peopl have lost there form of income so close to christmas, but as you stated chester the states speak for themselves ans organo gold is in it’s third year and growing strong we are in 16 countries and growing, if any one wants to contacrt me my cell is 8179445561. God bless you all

  9. Our hearts go out to you. You must be devastated.
    We would love help you rebuild and achieve your dreams.
    Our company provides a superb range, including skincare, personal care, household and nutritional supplements. We know how good they all are because we’ve used them regularly for a number of years.
    Our company chooses to avoid over 3000 scientifically controversial ingredients and has a generous compensation plan that really works.
    We are so proud to be part of such an ethical business and have become highly successful.
    We would love to share our experience and excitement to help you have that same success.
    If you’d like to join our family or simply hear what it’s all about, just contact us
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    With our warmest wishes
    Rex & Jeannie (Johnson)
    Independent Neways Distributors

  10. I am very sorry for your misfortune. I also in the past had to come to the same conclusion you just experienced. The only thing I can say to you by experience, is “Dont let anyone steal your dream” One door has closed but ten more just opened. Take time to make the choice that will bring you to the acheivement of your dream. All the best God Bless.


  11. Apparently network marketing companies come and go. It’s not about the compensation plan or the products, it’s about the the people and the technology. I’m building a team for our future based on these criteria. I welcome all forward looking people to join us.

  12. Sad to hear about the closing of HAVVN. I hope that everyone has gained personal development, skills and lessons at HAVVN that will allow them to prosper in the future. “When one door closes, another opens; but don’t look too long and regretfully upon the closed door that you do not see the one which has opened for you.” Organo Gold has created an environment where people are winning in a losing economy. Our company allows you to participate in 5 recession proof industries. Come get your position of equity in a company during its momentum phase. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s healthy coffee!!

  13. It is sad to hear that any company is calling it “quits”. Especially a MLM or direct selling company because the distributors rarely have any idea that there were problems.

    I would like to take this opportunity to recommend a MAGNIFICENT company called ViSalus. ViSalus is all about weight loss/management, fitness and nutrition. All of the products are fantastic and taste GREAT!

    ViSalus promotes the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge and offers a yearly $10,000,000 worth of prizes, product, trips, etc. to winners of the 90 Day Challenge. Prizes are available to distributors and customers.

    ViSalus also has a BMW bonus early in the pay plan that many have earned in their first month. How AWESOME is that?

    Good luck to all of you!

  14. So sorry to hear you are closing down. A very difficult and tough decision to make. This close to the Holiday Season is hard and difficult for many people to be out of business or lose a job.
    IF you are up for a Challenge I suggest you take a look at my website. Ground Floor opportunity, excellent team, lots of movement and top marks with breaking records across the board in home business. If you are up for the Challenge and want to change where you are then let me know. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
    I hope your days unfold well for you

  15. So sorry to hear, the distributors must be in a dark place….but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
    Take a look at Visalus and the 90 Day Challenge! What is easier to sell than weight loss that works?!?! Especially in DECEMBER!!!

  16. This is awful!! I am so sorry to hear this. I know that it took me several tries to find a company that I love and have found success in. I could not imagine if I received this news after pouring my heart into it as I am sure so many people have. I have found a home in my current company and been able to replace a hefty corporate income. I have been able to leave that job and work from home making double what the corporate income offered me. I have found incredible products that have changed my life and health as well as hundreds and hundreds of other people. The support system in the team I have become a part of is like family to me and they always work so hard to ensure my success. That is what I have to offer you. You already have the skills and the network join with me and you will join a family that does everything to ensure the newest team members success. We are a ground floor opportunity and have had double digit compounded growth for the past 18 months. 3000% growth and we have only launched in North America at this time! Visit my website and call me for more info, I would love to help you find a home with us. Talk soon. -Faith Simms

  17. Sad to see a company have to make this call. It really impacts a lot of people. I am not very familiar with the company or its products, but no doubt, there will be lots of people that may not be able to get some products that they really like. Hopefully, the disenfranchised will be able to find a suitable replacement. Glad the company that we promote is actually growing in these turbulent economic times.

  18. HAVVN is not shut down, but did exit MLM. The network marketing business did not have builders or leaders needed to be successful. Rather HAVVN had a large and loyal consumer group. After it was announced that the MLM operations were ceasing, the tremendous response from the field prompted a relaunch in a direct to consumer model. The world class HAVVN products are now available to all at significantly lower prices. The JUS, GO Stick, and DNA Skin Care products are all available currently.

  19. No it is officially done. They have filed for bankruptcy:
    “You may be aware that xVita LLC (DBA HAVVN) has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Under Chapter 11 bankruptcy law a business is permitted to reorganize and to continue operations during that reorganization period. Rest assured your experience as a customer will not be effected. We are absolutely committed to continuing to provide the highest quality service and products. All orders will continue to be processed and shipped as normal and without interruption.

    The world-class HAVVN products you love will continue to be available to our loyal customer base. We appreciate your business and support during this period of transition.

    Best Regards,

    Justin M. Serra

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