Tahitian Noni International Leadership Conference 2012 Sold Out in 35 minutes

Cim Carver Tahitian Noni International VP

4,000 seats have been fully booked.

Seems TNI – the mother of all super juices is alive and kicking. I received this information from Cim Carver, Vice President, Global Sales Tahitian Noni International:

Brian TracyAcross the globe, a tremendous sense of anticipation has been building up. With a global product launch, new business opportunities on the horizon and world-renown keynotes like John Maxwell and Brian Tracy, the demand for to be at this upcoming event has been incredible. 

In the history of our company, we have never sold out an International Leadership Conference even this quickly.

Of course, we want as many of our distributors to join us at the world convention as possible and we are working hard to make more space available.

But, as of this moment, we are sold out.  Hopefully, we will be able to get additional space and we will let it know as soon as possible.  Keep your eyes out for a registration update, we will be letting you know as soon as we know if we can expand and what that looks like.

In the meantime, if you would like to attend ILC 2012, we strongly encourage you to call in and add your name to the waiting list. If we are able to acquire additional space, we anticipate it filling up quickly again.

About the Company:

John MaxwellTahitian Noni International is a global, research-driven bioactive products company that was the first to introduce the health benefits of the noni plant—a bioactive-rich, adaptogenic plant, containing iridoid compounds—to the world outside of Tahiti.

Tahitian Noni International is the leader in the discovery, development, manufacturing, and marketing of noni-based bioactive products including nutritional supplements, beauty, and weight loss lines.

Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Tahitian Noni International has a presence in over 70 markets worldwide, and is the world-wide leader in bioactive supplements.

Visit www.Bioactivism.com for additional information and registration updates.

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  1. Wow! After returning from the TNI Vision Retreat in Phuket Thailand with over 20 of my partners, we knew ILC 2012 will Rock but 35 minutes?! Last year our ILC Cruise sold out in 6 hours? The cost of procrastination was truly in full effect on Nov.1st… See you all on Jan1 and April 2012. http://www.GetFitIn10weeks.info

    Troy & Nichole Mitchell
    Diamond Pearl Elite

  2. If you ask a longtime user of the bioactive beverage what they would do if hey got the message that the product would no longer be in the market, all of them say they would stock as much as the could find money to invest.
    As a user for more that 14 years I would do the same.
    Great opportunity for serious people.

    Asbjorn Olnes
    Triple Diamond – Black Pearl

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