MonaVie China License For Sale For $5 Million

MonaVie License China

The Malaysian company Acai Berry Products Marketing Pte Ltd of Malaysia is the owner of the MonaVie License for China and wish to sell this License for $5 million.

Who is going to buy that license? Amway or an other Direct Selling Company? Strange case…..

I got this email from the Malaysian License holder:


Acai Berry Products Marketing Pte Ltd of Malaysia going for Tender

Acai Berry Products Marketing Pte Ltd of Malaysia, the company holdings the Products Licenses of MonaVie for the whole China, is putting up for tender at the based price of US$5 Millions, the tender is open to any countries interest parties except Malaysia.

The tender will include the whole structure and good will of the company, the non-expiry China Government Issued MonaVie Product Licenses for the whole regions of China (National Level), and 12-months of advisory and consultation, there are several individuals and companies from India, Thailand, and Hong Kong have already voiced their interest.

With the speedy growing of MonaVie networks in India, and the re-opening of MonaVie Thailand, many of the products can now be shipped direct from India and Thailand to China. China is the country that can not be denied will be having the highest sales and purchase volume in the world.

Thank you and domo-arigato.
Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Raymond TJD


MonaVie License China

MonaVie License China

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