MonaVie Response On $5 Million China License For Sale

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MonaVie Takes Legal Action against Company Selling False Product Certificates

Dear Distributor,

MonaVie invests significant time and resources to prepare for market openings. Unfortunately, the conduct of some who are looking to get a head start motivates them to violate MonaVie’s policies. In turn, this places the company and the very opportunity at risk.

Recently, a company in Malaysia has claimed that they have secured product certificates to sell and import MonaVie products in China. MonaVie has an injunction against those involved and is seeking recourse against this company for violating the injunction and our policies. We are doing this in order to protect your investment as a valued distributor as well as the continued reputation and the best interests of the company. MonaVie is not open for business in China, and the product certificates being sold by this company are illegitimate and not valid for importing MonaVie’s products into China.

MonaVie Owns Worldwide Distribution Rights

Please know that MonaVie owns the worldwide distribution rights for our proprietary products and our Community Commerce (aka direct selling) opportunity. Additionally, individuals and other companies may never secure or attempt to secure approval for our products or business practices; register or reserve the Company names, trademarks, trade names, or Internet domain names; or establish any kind of business or governmental contact on behalf of MonaVie.

Our desire is to create a fair opportunity for all distributors, and we do not seek to stymie the healthy side of building relationships and generating excitement about a future opportunity. But illegally shipping unregistered/unapproved product or dishonestly enrolling with fictitious national ID numbers and/or non-resident mailing or shipping addresses are illegal as well as clear violations of our policies if those involved are distributors.

New Market Entry Policies

If you become aware of such illegal activities, please notify us immediately and avoid engaging in such scams. Please help us to properly represent our international growth plans and manage realistic expectations by reading and communicating our New Market Entry Policies with each distributor that you sponsor.

At MonaVie, one of our core initiatives is to grow our markets. MonaVie does this by carefully and strategically determining where, when, and how we will open future markets. Please know that we must balance available resources to also develop and grow markets we have already entered.

We are thrilled with the enthusiasm and interest displayed by many across the globe as MonaVie seeks to provide each of you with additional international opportunities in the future.

Let’s join together to preserve the MonaVie opportunity as we change lives for the good across the globe.



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  1. The people who know about the license from day one 9 months ago are Brent Ririe, Randy Larsen, Dallin Larsen, Dan Zhu, David McManus, Shawn Larsen. David McManus see the original license and he got shock as the license issue at Beijing and its national level that can be use at any port of China, David McManus has work in China with Melaleuca and has seen many of the similar license because Melalerca import many of their products into China market. Shawn Larsen also see the original copy of the license and he can’t denied its original. And if this license are fake, they will long ago announce to the whole world and no need to wait until now because I am selling the license.

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