Synkronice and Spinglo in Heavy Weather?

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Synkronice  was founded in England in 2009 and it operates in two areas: Network Marketing and investment. Synkronice is using networking combined with social media to give the opportunity to build up a global, recurring income.

Synkronice is building a member base, that will be used as an investment in ready-to-launch business concepts. There is no capital in the form of money invested, but the company offers the member base new concepts, in exchange for part of the current concepts.

Synkronice with its strategy have been building its’ own and member base – Spinglo – and use it as an investment and platform in new business concepts online. According to the website Spinglo has 1 million members.
Synkronice is a trading name and trade mark of Phoenix International Network Ltd., a UK registered company. Phoenix also trades under the name Spinglo (registered trademark).
The management team at Synkronice is Ed Evans, Lee Britton, Mike Conroy and John Davis. Word in the street is Ed Evans resigned today, and John Davis is resigning too.

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Spinglo Alexa Rankings 31 January 2012

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Synkronice Alexa Rankings 31 January 2012

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  1. this is a big scam do not pay anything to signup in it i was in for 16 muths and got to level 6 and made no money in it at all and thy owe me over 10000 euros and when i ask them over a over ageen to pay me thy kick me out and thy are now black mailing me and my famly thy are not nice people stay well away pass this on

  2. Raymond Underwood = Ray John and his more lucid comment was copy and pasted from . Not good etiquette.
    I have no knowledge of any collapses/restart/relaunches (or ‘something’) and there is zero evidence for this. The developing network has remained in place and the business concept has been evolving over more than 3 years. Changes in company structure and personnel yes, but this is the real world. My former MLM opportunity’s parent company was renamed with the MLM brand several years ago and there have been several takeovers and management changes over decades. Many other examples could be given.

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