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Direct Selling 2011 Growth 12.4% for Public Companies + Amway

by Ted Nuyten on February 26, 2012

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Huge Growth In A Weak Global Economy!

Below spreadsheet represents the annual revenue for 8 large public Direct Selling companies for 2010 and 2011 and the grandfather of Network Marketing Amway.

It represents approx. 24% of the total Direct Selling market which is estimated by the WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations) on $132 billion.

As an independent distributor revenue growth is what you are looking for as it feeds the holy grail of MLM & Network Marketing: MOMENTUM

The total combined revenue for the public companies is $29,072 million for 2010. For 2011 the revenue is $32,674 a growth of $3,602 million or 12.5%.

Herbalife had the largest overall growth $766 million at the public companies. Visalus the largest growth in percentage: 579,4%.

Only one company was flat: Oriflame. "Oriflame says that its fourth quarter results were 'slightly weaker' than expected, hit by a falling demand in both the EMEA and CIS markets".

Young distributors and Direct Sales prospects have often a concern: "Will the Direct Selling market Saturated"?

Above facts give the answer: The Direct Selling Market Has No Saturation …

NumberCompanyRevenue 2010 in $ MillionRevenue 2011 in $ MillionGrowth in $ MillionGrowth in %
1Avon$10,731 $11,112 $3813.6%
2Amway$9,200 $10,900 $1,700 18.5%
3Herbalife$2,734 $3,500 $76628.0%
4Tupperware$2,300 $2,585 $28512.4%
5Oriflame$2,007 $1,982 ($25)-1.2%
6Nu Skin$1,537 $1,743 $20613.4%
Total$29,072 $32,674 $3,602 12.4%