Association Of Network Marketing Professionals Review 2012


This Association Has A Lot Of Influence, Really A Lot…

The Association Of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP) Early in 2004 a group of passionate individuals in the USA, Rod & Marcie Cook and Cheryl Gonzalez, concerned about the future of the Network Marketing community, came together to form an association.

The ANMP focused on establishing standards for the protection of all groups within the Network Marketing community.

It also centered efforts on educating both companies and participants of their responsibilities and rights.

The ANMP has organized to prevent among other things: harmful legislation on supplements and proposed business opportunity rules by the FTC. The association has also drafted publications on standards, and has continually provided education for Network Marketing professionals.

By 2009 the association started drawing the attention of many of the top leaders, trainers, and professionals within the Network Marketing community developing around a core belief: Strength Comes From Unity. In 2010 the name of the association become the Association of Network Marketing Professionals.


The biggest and perhaps the most important part about being a member of the ANMP is the TEAM behind you if you need assistance. They are here to serve, help, educate, and protect you and your business. Anyone who thinks of themselves as a Network Marketing Professional, regardless of their capacity should secure their own individual membership with the ANMP.

A membership is only $5 a month or $50 a year.

Leading Members from prestigious MLM Companies:

Garrett McGrath - President ANMP Peter Mingils - President ANMP Brian McMullen VP ANMP Larene Williamson Secretary ANMP
Garrett McGrath – President Peter Mingils – Exec. VP Brian McMullen – VP Larene WilliamsonSecretary
Marcie Cook Treasurer ANMP Mel Atwood ANMP Tom Chenault ANMP Troy Dooly ANMP
Marcie CookTreasurer Mel Atwood Tom Chenault Troy Dooly
Len Clements ANMP Sandi Cohen ANMP Daren Falter ANMP Rod Cook ANMP
Len Clements Sandi Cohen Daren Falter Rod Cook
Ruth van Buren ANMP Melody Johnson ANMP John Hammack ANMP Bret Matheny ANMP
Ruth van Buren Melody Johnson John Hammack Bret Matheny


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    1. Hi Ruth!

      My name is Ronni-Michelle (Ronni) Martin and I’m a Networker. I was so pleased to see this Association listed. I will join. I appreciate your comment about being a diverse group, but I don’t see diversity in the sense that most people consider diversity. I don’t mean this in an offensive way…..just something to think about.

      For instance…..when someone says diversity to me, I look for people of various races and ethnic backgrounds. In looking at the Association Team, I don’t see a diverse group. I see a group of people who are vested in Network Marketing. It is true that there may be pictures of folks that aren’t shown, but again, I didn’t see anything such as ‘photo not shown but a name was given’. Forgive me if that is the case.

      If all of you REALLY want to make this group take off like a rocket, reach out to minorities, such as myself. (I’m Jamerican – Jamaican American). I’m 48 years old (as of last Saturday). Network Marketing has been a part of my life since I was 12 (second generation of Networkers) and I am SO GLAD that this organization exists! If more people get involved, watch the level of the industry skyrocket financially, and in terms of people, exponentially!

      Thank you for your time. Just food for thought! I hope that I didn’t offend you. That isn’t in my heart nor my intention! Just creating a thoughtful dialogue.

      God bless you and your loved ones.



  1. I fully agree with you Ronnie-Michelle. That was my immediate observation. Probably we need to join in order to ensure the diversity we seek. I do look forward to membership.

  2. Ronni and Carl,

    I have been a board member of the ANMP in 4 of the last 5 years. Each year we put out a call to all members before the board is elected at our annual event. We ask for those who wish to be board members to step up and make themselves known. The faces you see represented above are those who answered.

    In the four board elections I have participated in, not one time do I recall an African-American even asking to be on the ballot. Although, I do recall several in attendance at the events when the board is elected. So this is not a matter of exclusion. The membership can only vote on those who ask to be considered. Obviously we cannot force someone of color to be on the board against their will.

    The promotional efforts of the ANMP have no color filter. Everything we do to expose more network marketers to the association is disseminated equally throughout the industry. However, America is 12.6% Black, 16.3% Hispanic, and 4.8% Asian. According to the DSA, the direct sales profession is 7.1% Black, 14.2% Hispanic, and 3.1% Asian. The fact that proportionally fewer of these ethnicities ? a little more than half as many in the case of Blacks ? choose to be involved in direct sales is not the responsibility of the ANMP.

    Nor is it that 0% of them volunteer to serve on the board of the ANMP.

    Len Clements

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