Herbalife Paid $52 Million Bonus To Distributors

Herbalife $52 Million Bonus Paid out

Herbalife's Distributor Bonus Awards Celebration Pays over $50 Million

LOS ANGELES  At its annual bonus awards gala, Herbalife Ltd. distributed $52.3 million to Herbalife independent distributors who have achieved success by helping to bring good nutrition to people around the world.

The recipients were among approximately 3,500 independent distributors from over 60 countries who gathered in downtown Los Angeles for several days of education, training and celebration.

Herbalife independent distributors come from all walks of life, and are passionate about helping to provide healthy nutrition through our products in 81 countries and tonight we celebrate their success, said Michael O. Johnson, chairman and CEO. They realize an opportunity to improve their health, to improve their finances, they develop personally, and they reach out into their communities to help improve other people's lives.

The Herbalife Family Foundation also presented its annual Humanitarian Award to Carmen Gloria Schindler of Chile. This award is presented to an Herbalife independent distributor who exemplifies the foundation's mission and through their outstanding involvement and dedication, has made a significant contribution to changing lives worldwide. As recipients of the 2012 HFF Humanitarian Award, HFF will donate $10,000 to a charity of their choice.

Other highlights of the event included a private concert featuring the legendary Diana Ross, along with the international girl group sensation Blush, at the Nokia Theater, benefitting the Herbalife Family Foundation, a non-profit that helps to provide good nutrition to vulnerable children.[private_platinum]

Herbalife Mark Hughes Bonus Awards

Herbalife Mark Hughes Bonus Awards 2012 Herbalife Mark Hughes Bonus Awards 2012


Herbalife Mark Hughes Bonus Awards 2012 Herbalife Mark Hughes Bonus Awards 2012
$94,008 $70,411
Herbalife Mark Hughes Bonus Awards 2012 Herbalife Mark Hughes Bonus Awards 2012
$60,887 $40,638



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  1. You have wrong information there Ted ! The highest check was 2.2 million to Raquel Cortez, all the top 10 received above 1 million dollars. But many others received more than the 160 thousand you annouced !

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