VISI MLM Pre-launch In April

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Kent Lewis and Bill Perry will launch in April a new MLM start-up in the USA: VISI

Kent Lewis Ceo and President, is a veteran of the direct selling industry with over twenty years of experience as a corporate executive, consultant, and distributor.

As an international development strategist, he has worked in more than thirty countries, directing billion-dollar companies and executing many strategic sales plans, including one that tripled market sales in just three years. Kent’s ability to analyze markets and identify key factors for success is instrumental in allowing Visi to grow exponentially.

Bill Perry Chairman, personifies the unconquerable spirit of the ancient Vísi. As a flourishing real estate developer, he has the vision and determination necessary to transform a piece of raw land into a multi-million dollar investment. 

Today, his businesses continue to prosper, showcasing Mr. Perry’s ability to see potential business opportunities and develop them into an economic triumph with long-term stability. He provides financial stability, business experience, and vision for the future growth of the company.


Visi will breathe life back into your body and allow you to reach new heights with its Life-Changing Products. Centered on the powerful benefits of Scandinavian nature including the Arctic Cloudberry, Visi products combine the secrets of ancient healing with modern science, research, and medicine.

VISI Products Pre-Launch MLM

The Arctic Cloudberry is ripened under the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun of Scandinavia. Completely natural, distinctly flavorful, and highly prized for their nutritional value, the Arctic Cloudberry boasts extremely high levels of vitamins A, C, E, and B as well as calcium, magnesium, and benzoic acid. The Scandinavian people have depended on the Arctic Cloudberry (also known as Scandinavian Gold) for centuries to promote health and natural beauty. Today, scientists and researchers continue to be amazed by the mighty nutrition available with this powerful berry.




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