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Gravatar or Avatar


A Gravatar is a small photo which pops up if you comment on a website. Something simular if you comment on Facebook. Very effective and simple way to get famous on the web….

Comments on a wordpress based website (350 million+ sites are live) is an effective way to promote your replicated website. Webmasters will approve sooner your comment with a Gravatar photo as it shows you are a real person. And the best part, getting a Gravatar is free.

Gravatar (an abbreviation for globally recognized avatar) is a service for providing globally unique avatars. On Gravatar, users can register an account based on their email address, and upload an avatar to be associated with the account.

Gravatar allows you to upload any size image which you can then crop to your liking with the built in cropper, making it easy to get your images just the way you want them. In addition to uploading from disk, you can now choose an image off the internet, making it simple to use photos from Flickr or your favorite website.

Be warned: In this post I will only approve comments with a gravatar….


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