Black Diamond Rob Alwin Resigns From MonaVie

Rob and Lisa Alwin


Black Diamond Rob and Lisa Alwin resign from MonaVie.

Earlier they told:

We were starving in real estate when we first took a look at MonaVie. We had lost over 20 years' worth of savings and assets, which all but killed us.

Our MonaVie experience saved us from the real estate market and has changed our lives forever. We spend a lot of time with our five kids and enjoy financial security.

We are able to focus on important things, like what we can do for others with our money and time. Our tip for you is to pour the juice every day.



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  1. My 22 years in This industry seeing the same thing over and over again watching people make crucial decisions that hurt them and there team. I saw it in the 90’s with herbal Life there still going and di a record breaking year 2011 almost 43.5 billion. I saw it in the 80’s with Amway need i say more 12 billion in sales last year. Monavie will survive with out the “lucky ones” Karshner, Gutman, Alwin, Burton, and more. They were absolutely spoiled by Monavies momentum and when it came time to actually work they left. Let me remind you achieved Pin means nothing. paid Pin does. Thats why it takes Amway people 10-15 years to achieve and get paid for life diamond. I hit a Pin fast in 1987 and it took 7 years for me to actually solidify it teaching others that a leg isn’t solid until you get 8-10 leaders in it.
    If I ever left my company of 22 years I have Monavie on the top of my list for these reasons. 8 years young $4 billion in sales it took my com pay over 10 years to reach there first $1 billion. 30 plus countries Monavie is in including almost all the Bric countries witch no MLM company will survive past 10 years unless there in USA-Brazil-India-China-Russia Monavie is in Europe all 27 EU countries. Dallin larsen, henry Marsh , Dell Brown, and Randy Schroeder. No company has this type of management. Patents on there products un heard of in MLM. 53% pay out and the fact that Monavie is one of the only companies that pay there cash bonuses out in 1 lump some. My company pays cash reward over 1-5 years. Monavie is a private company with headquarters in USA all the great companies have USA as there base, real products, and money in the bank. This year <Monavie paid out Ken Porter $1 million Scott Olson, Only coal, Todd Hartog, 10 other Black diamonds and Royals $100-$600k each plus all the other Bronze-White Diamond cash bonuses. Income disclosure statement we all thought this was pretty ballsy putting that information out there. My company by the way is Usana and I should have followed Dallin

    1. thanks for the nice words about Monavie realMLMpro. it’s a it disheartening to see Black Diamonds leave especially the ones that emphasized the importance of LOYALTY in their trainings.

    2. I hear you realMLMpro. However MV is not the white knight company you think it is. They are harsh in their treatment of people, and they have failed to look after their distributors properly, especially in international markets. They have coerced a lot of people across from other companies, and when those same people are coerced by another suitor MV cries ‘foul’. In essence the rhetoric of Dallin Larson et al, does not play out in the field.

      Stay where you are!

  2. by the way any company Rob jumps to ZEEK he has to sponsor people. Guys the MLM business is 99% enrolling. Randy is right about mastering the Skill to Invite. Brig has sponsors 500+ people thats why he is Double Crown. In my 22 years I have sponsored a average of 25-50 2-4 people every month. I have done this by using products and audio cassettes and cd’s/ I can’t Imagine giving someone bids to gamble with. There should be a separate category for the companies that have no products…Oh they or called Ponzi schemes according to the FTC

    1. For a professional like yourself should be more careful with your words about other company like Zeek. You need to take your schooling about Zeek and then come back here with the right info okay. I wish the best with your company but leave others alone if you don’t know anything about them:)

      Have a bless day and let’s focus on your goal with your company:)


        1. Ron,
          The product are bids!! Just because it is virtual doesn’t discount that the bids are a product eg Itunes!!!
          Kevin Grimes is MonaVie’s lawyer as well as Zeekrewards!! I guess BOTH must be a Ponzi Scheme??
          As a Lawyer, he doesn’t need the business and if he KNOWINGLY represented a Ponzi Scheme he would be in deep trouble professionally!! Zeek has more customers/affiliate than any direct sales company in the World!! Who buys the MonaVie products?? Mostly affiliates??

        2. I can! The answer is simple – they aren’t. Call the AG’s office and asked if there is an active investigation. They tell that there is not! Stop spreading rumors Mr. Pruett. Dr Keith Laggos (the man who wrote the textbook on network marketing used by Dr. Charles King, Harvard PH.D), Kevin Grimes of Grimes and Reese, and The Law Firm of Nehre and Waak all will tell you the same thing. So until you have facts, keep your opinioons to yourself. Oh, by the way, how many lawsuits from various states is MonaVie still fighting? We all know that there is at least one. One last question, how much stock does Dahlin, Randy, and Henry still control after the recent investor claw-backs were instituted? Here is the answer, not much!

  3. Dear MonaVie Black Diamond Leader,

    It?s often been said that our industry is one of relationship building. In business?just as in life?not all relationships last, and MonaVie is not immune to the painful truth that some associations come to an end. Occasionally, there are those who feel compelled to leave behind what they?ve begun to build here at MonaVie and begin a new chapter in their lives. We understand that, and it is the reason why the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of our company had the foresight to implement the Open Door Policy years ago. As Dallin A. Larsen so eloquently stated,

    ?If for whatever reason, any MonaVie distributor feels they would be better served by pursuing another financial opportunity, we would wish them Godspeed and simply hope that they would continue experiencing the health enhancing benefits of our products. And, should the opportunity ever arise, we would welcome them back with open arms to once again pursue their financial dreams through MonaVie.?

    Unfortunately, as we all have experienced at some point in our lives, some relationships end in a less-than-positive or constructive manner. If you feel that the actions being taken through social media by Mick and Vick Karshner and Rob and Lisa Alwin are having a negative impact on you or the people in your organization, my simple suggestion is to log into your Facebook account and ?unfriend? the Karshners and Alwins. This will prevent distributors in your organization from being subjected to any disparaging posts and videos delivered to your Facebook news feed.

    Joining and building a MonaVie business remains the most lucrative route to financial success in all of direct selling. I recognize that MonaVie may not be the right fit for everyone. However, I also have a responsibility to help protect the business opportunity for our distributors worldwide who have found a home at MonaVie, and I promise to do that.


    Randy Schroeder
    President of North America & Europe,

    1. What hypocrisy! Scott Olsen recruited Ken Porter via a paid stipend. Ken Porter cross-recruited when he joined MonaVie yet no one talks about that. Ken paid Brigg a stipend to join MonaVie then cross-recruited Charlie, Steve, and many others from Amway. Not only did MonaVie not say a word, they helped defend Brigg and others in the lawsuit brought by Amway.

      1. Your other points are probably accurate, but Brig, Charlie, Steve and many others were out of Amway for over 7 years before they came to MonaVie and they were all in his Amway downline. That’s hardly cross-line recruiting.

  4. I respect Rob as well, but when you stop sponsoring and stop working, what do you expect is going to happen. And lets correct ourselves, Ted posted MonaVie’s company policy statement last week on working for multiple companies. It states that if a distributor is to leave and build another business, they can still collect a check. However, if they cross-recruit, they will be terminated. If they chose to resign, they can do that as well and still get a check (until the boundary of cross recruiting is crossed). It is a simple rule, but no one seems to want to follow it. So sad, too bad. And Randy has never taken God out of the equation, he speaks it all of the time. This business is not about anyone else but YOU. YOU have to work. This business is all about the “doing”, not about the “thinking”. Best of luck to Rob wherever he may go if he even choses to do MLM. He has been working a traditional business 90% of the time for the past 2 years. The fact is in every company people come and people go. It’s normal in MLM and in the real world. Lets come back down to Earth and lets all keep pushing.

    1. Yes, Calvin, I do agree that people come and go in MLM’s and in any industry. However, there is a very fine line on the “cross recruiting” issue, especially where MonaVie is concerned. Just as in the Amway/MonaVie cross-recruiting accusation days, there are going to be A LOT of people who simply want to work with the Karshner’s and Alwin’s regardless of the company they’re with! I can promise you that there are MANY people contacting them as I write this…THAT, even according to MonaVie’s side of it, does not equal cross-recruiting! Also, you are right that you do have to sponsor people; BUT as leaders of a large downline, you are spending a lot of your time working with your downline, helping them sponsor. In fact, according to a MonaVie Royal Black Diamond that attempted to recruit me, “you only need 2, then your job is to work with your downline so they get their 2″…Obviously, I know it’s NOT that simple; and, the fact remains that a product run business that is, right or wrong, typically seen as a luxury item in a down economy, IS going to be a tough sell! The very first thing people are going to cut out when money gets tight is an expensive autoship! Finally, YES, to succeed, you have to work, no matter what line of business you go into; and networking is NO different! I don’t think most people are disputing that. The dispute comes in with the bad moves MonaVie has made over the past year that, you must admit, look much more like tactics to give the company more money, NOT the distributors! I’m sorry, but when what was once free training suddenly has a monthly fee attached to it, the materials distributors must purchase change several times over the course of 2 years, the rules change, offerings that motivate distributors are removed, etc, the writing’s on the wall!

    2. Calvin…you always stick to the basic principles of success and your work ethic is second to none!! Keep up the great WORK, and leadership!! All the best to you and your beautiful are a great example for many! – Stay Hungry!!!

  5. Calvin, one moment. You say: “when you stop sponsoring and stop working, what do you expect is going to happen.” So how about residual income? Does Monavie have it? I DON”T THINK SO. That’s why people quit.

  6. yes u have residual income when you develop empowered leaders. If you don’t have those, then you better keep sponsoring. Never stop sponsoring until you have 3 lines chasing you. If you are the only one running…good luck, you’ll be gone soon.

    1. Calvin I am good friends with many of the Black Diamonds that have left and went to other companies. Here is the fact, if they were still making money they would have never left. I find it amazing that so many Black diamonds are not making even close to what they used to make. Even Brigs money went from over 600,000 a month to a little over 200,000 per month.

      So why doesn’t someone tell the real story as to what happened to Rob Alwin, Mick and Vick and Kathleen Deggleman.

      It is amazing when you ask yourself one question. Has Monavie broke any Black Diamonds in America lately? The answer is NO.

      So if you have the answer which is keep sponsoring and working why haven’t you broke new Black diamonds in your group lately?

      Just a thought.

      1. Over the course of MonaVie starting up this business and allowing all the black diamonds to create their own system to build with, people found their black diamonds and used the system developed by the leaders they were under.

        Brig always told us there cannot be 2 visions or you have division. I understand it now. While Brig Hart and his team developed an awesome system not every distributor had the same duplicatable system. IT was starting to cause confusion, and especially when MonaVie went internationally. We needed tools for them and several leaders tools were being used and though they really are the same mostly. IT felt to lots of people like their leader was gone. For my team Having Brig close R3 global was a big deal.
        Lots of people resisted the new system, myself included. people stopped building and just sat waiting to see which system someone would tell them to use.

        WE are realizing that the system if unified and duplicatable will work, and does work. Change and especially big changes like that did hit all our businesses for a bit, but we are stronger for it, and we are working together and this system works, and just gives us material to give people that gives all distributors an edge. we all have the same tools, system and still have the same great products. WE wil not only recover but look out for huge growth in all of our businesses.
        take a look at Calvins Business as proof. thanks for your input Calvin

  7. Thanks for the insight everyone! I agree with MLM Pro and Calvin of course. There are people that have left their companies with respect to those that are still working it, Rob and the Karshners did not do that and it lacks integrity. Not exactly what I would call a leader. How can someone get promoted to Royal the same week someone else leaves and people think it’s not working? That’s funny. Logic would tell you it is working.

    When you sign up in network marketing it’s a selfish move, when you build an organization it’s a selfless move, when you forget where you came from and become selfish then you’re on your way back. When you build a business it’s not about you anymore, by recruiting people into another company is setting back the people you once called friends. A real leader would start over with a clean slate, and cut their ties completely. If you were building MonaVie because of a single person who inspired you, then you were doing it for the wrong reasons anyway.

    MonaVie is not going anywhere.

  8. Tina Williams, I’m not so sure about your thinking someone was TRULY promoted that week:

    Patrice Stephenson-Licciardi Hi all. When we left to go to a great new & thriving company, we were lied about, as well. Monavie has directly accused us (with no proof, cuz there is none) of having cross recruited, & we have not done that at all…NOT ONCE! We are building from the ground up. They have used this lie to cut us off from our hard earned residual income that we built for 5 years! Once they cut us off (1 day after we gave them a very decent & considerate resignation), apparently they felt this gave them the right to move our entire strong & thriving domestic & international left leg, underneath some of the Non qualified black diamonds or other ranks, so that they could now appear to be growing & going up in rank. Perception, right? This was one of our black diamonds famous words “It’s all about perception, Joe!” Well, let it be known that perception is not always the truth, & Joe & I, Mick & Vic, Rob & Lisa, & Catherine choose to live in truth! Sorry Catherine. I have held my tongue for 2 1/2 months now. I couldn’t hold this back. The Karshners, the Alwins, & the Licciardis deserve love & respect from Monavie. We have earned that. SHAME on them!

    1. Well I appreciate all the input from all of our black diamond leaders, But I was contacted by Mick, about another opportunity,
      before any of this came out. My response to his email asking me was ARE you doing something other than MonaVie? Are you leaving Monavie? his response was No Way! I never heard from him again. OUt of respect for him I won’t say that he tried to sell me on his other opportunity after I was obviously against doing something else, but HE was contacting people who were watching his webcasts.


    Shannon June 27, 2012 at 9:11 pm
    Your points are more than valid, Mike! What a lot of people DON?T realize, though, is that moving downlines NEVER works! Yes, Baccera will do well for a short period; but that downline will quickly dwindle before his eyes! Rob and Mick KNEW when to get out?they already was the dwindling coming?moving it over to someone else WILL NOT revive it! MonaVie has SO many issues that I?m not sure it can be revived! AND, YES, Vincent St. Louis, you are RIGHT to build multiple income streams for the security of your family! That?s even what MonaVie USED to tell everyone! I don?t think people are using this as a forum to self promote as much as they?re trying to show others that there are WAY BETTER companies to go with! I happen to know a couple people who gave information about the new companies they are with who are wonderful people (actually my upline in my new company) who were, at one time, with MonaVie. They have seen too many people done wrong by MonaVie; and they?ve seen many hearts broken by that company. When you?re ethical and truly wanting the best for people, you don?t want to see them spinning their wheels or being taken advantage of.

  10. JUST LIKE THE USANA PANDP’S WE ARE ALL BOUND MBY A NON COMPETE FOR 1 YEAR. This means your company can sue you you for every penny you’ve made if you recruit your downline sideline cross line…….Lawyer up sucker your going to get sued if you violated this. Go build your new teams don’t steal them…… Silly rabbit tricks are for kids…..thhhhhe the thats all folks game over . have fun listing houses again……

    1. Are you for real? Did you not understand the ruling in the AMway v MonaVie case. Maybe you had better stick to being a MLMer because you would never have made a lawyer.

  11. Shannon is WRONG. (This person is probably not named Shannon by the way). Joe Licciardi was caught for multiple cross recruiting violations during his time at MonaVie. I have witnessed his compliance hearings while I was at Monavie corporate. I feel sorry for Joe that he would like to lie about his business, but he was not qualified at all. In fact , I am working with his leg right now that only does 30,000 points in volume weekly! so sad. If you count his other leg which he can accept a mx of 50,000 points on, that doesn’t even qualify him at White Diamond (50,000 points from Black Diamond). His entire Asia team lost confidence in him. He lied to them and did very poor business with them as I hear now and he chooses to build his business with our previously existing non working downlines. Good luck! Joe Licciardi go get em’. He does Momentis by the way, if you would like to join him, I wouldn’t. Find someone that treats their team like their team, not like their cross-line.

  12. Joe I heard from a reliable source that Andy Mcwilliams from Momentis gave you a financial enticement to abandoned your Monavie team. Im curious how much of this you gave those who followed you into Monavie now into the laughing stock of the Industry next to Zeekler Momnetis. I hope you told those who left and quit on there people how much money you actually were given. See Joe thats the selfish part and why you will fail in my industry. 22 years I watched people take money from other companies toy justify them leaving a big check behind. When I say big anything over $1000 a week is bis in MLM. Only 7-10% of all distributors make over $1000 a week. If and when I have the chance to leave my company I would never accept a bribe or financial assistance. I would leave for the right reasons. My current company would have missed a weekly check, or didn’t ship products as promised or filed BK. Joe you and Robert Dean, Mick Karshner, Rob Alwin, Rick Gutman, Steve Burton, Carrie Dicky, and all the others who left Monavie because you built wrong. This is a relationship based business, and Im guessing you took advantage of everyone in your team. I had a friend who actually did worse then you he cheated on his wife with one of his personals. Sad because that entire leg fell apart on him and she need up quitting the business when they got caught. He is now selling gym memberships at 56 years old how ironic is that. He destroyed his reputation and never could re build another MLM like he did with us. He jumped into 8 companies in all. Funny because he actually hit bronze in Monavie. still gets his juice i believe. we are realMLM pros and we are laughing at this. send me a email and before you ruin your career further I might give you some advice. Don’t raid or steal people from other teams and companies. Go build the right way and contact people you never sponsored before. Its called integrity. By the way Joe you let me down we are the same age and I have been following you since you became Black diamond. I loved your video and actually bought into your fakeness. At least your not getting all spiritual on us like the others… Thanks for that. I have just torn my picture of you off my vision board. You will fail the way your building now. I promise you that .Former Monavie Black Diamond Rick Gutman will be sued bij Monavie. Rick moved from Monavie to Visalus. We asked Rick for comment, his response: your next buddy boy

    1. Talk about fake! Fake stories, fake comments about Joe letting you down, and a fake name to boot. Yeah! The people on this message string are really going to take you serious, Todd!

  13. Well Calvin I will tell you that Rick Gutman did not cross recruit anyone. His people called him he never called or talked to one person and Monavie still cracked him for cross recruiting. Oh but let me guess you were in those meetings as well.

  14. This is for the group who is following this conversation. And I feel no need to come here in disguise, like some. How many negative attacking posts have you seen the Alwins, the Karshners, or the Licciardis post? Funny how so many who have stayed with their company feel like they need to attack those who made a change. I smell fear in the attackers. God has our back Calvin & Todd (I mean RealMLMPros). You see, we do not come at you guys because we don’t need to. Plus we are busy building a new & great business. Mic & Rob, ignore these fearful little men & go do your thing! When God is for you, who can be against you?!

    1. Patrice, I tried to contact you via your web site for TalkFusion, but there is no contqct link for you. Contqct me at [email protected] to discuss Talkfusion. When you do, you’ll get an automated e-mail requesting verification (that you aren’t a spam generated e-mail message)’ so just follow the simple verification and I’ll get your e-mail and contact info. I hav some questions about the products and opportunity. Thx!


  15. I don’t normally engage in platforms like this because they always do more harm than good. I would rather build a person up then tear him down. It’s much easier to disparage a person with half truths and lies than It is to help him to believe in himself, especially when the riggers of life and business test him to the point of wondering if its worth it to believe in himself and push forward. As for me and the way I left MV… History will prove that I left without calling one person… And any person or stating otherwise is a liar. But when I see a person like ‘realMLMpro’ spew reckless garbage like its no big deal and without thought, it compels me to take a moment and say a few things. First… anyone who would label themselves ‘realMLMpro’ without using their real name is obviously NOT an MLM pro at all, especially if you have 22 year of experience in this industry. You’re obviously a COWARD and a FRAUD. It’s easy to judge those who are ‘actually’ in the fight for all to see. But you hide behind a title that you obviously NEVER earned. Therefore you spew words with NO weight. You may as well say you had 100 years in this industry it does not matter LOL! But don’t worry… You wont feel any real public offense like some of the ‘Real MLM Pros’ on here because nobody knows your name.

    1. Rick,

      I totally agree with you. You are a true leader, real man and stand what you believe. Who is RealMLMPro does he exist or just a fiction? I know real mentor when they speak and RealMLMPro is not, maybe he get paid to comment like this.

  16. Real Mlmpro how come you do not have a web page we can visit, MLM is all about making money, if they left a company due to money problems 1. Because the company did not pay them good reason. But if it 2. Because there residual was in decline. than that was their fault as leaders and is bound to happen again only time will tell,

  17. Patrice I know you mean no harm at all. You just never witnessed what Joe did in the MonaVie business up close. The compliance violations, the meetings with corporate execs at the head offices where Joe had to give a huge Thailand team he stole from a Black Diamond back..after he also stole a team from him in Germany as well. it’s ok though, no worries. No one ever has to be victim of his unethical practices again.

  18. Hi,
    I am from Singapore and was an Emerald Exec. I left Monavie in 2008, I dont like the leadership. Unethical conducting his business. Lucky for me, I know more leaders will leave soon. Hopefully MV can stand long, this is word of mouth advertising. This is people helping people, if you show your arrogant in your business. More will leave.
    Good Luck Monavie…

  19. The single most important thing for long term residual income is this: Will the end users of your product or service buy it month after month and year after year regardless of any income opportunity? In my opinion (and experience for the past 25 years) well over 90% of the companies/distributors in our industry would have to answer “no” if they are honest. Most volume for most MLM companies comes from people (distributors/reps) hoping to create an income. I would bet that both Zeek and MonaVie are in that category. As such, you will be fighting a never ending war of attrition. That’s why so many people who have had great “success” with a company still abandon ship and look elsewhere. Unfortunately, they usually find themselves in the same type of situation in the next company. Sorry if that seems negative – to me it seems self-evident…

  20. I’m sad with Monavie. Great products but seems bad leadership. My suggestion is mimic Organo Gold and Visalus leadership to stay in the game or left behind. Look at Heath Evolv. The leadership is very smart they follow the trend. Their compensation plan is similar with Organo Gold, their car program and 3 for free is similar with Visalus. Not only they mimic the great company but they add more appealing products like C-prime and Water. Now they are running fast and staying in the game. I’m not distributor of Health Evolv but its one company that you can call home.

  21. Eric, that’s actually a GREAT comment; and it is VERY on target! If you don’t look at the attrition rate of the company you go with, you’re not doing your due diligence. It’s not a difficult thing to get people involved; but keeping them involved is important! There are many factors in increasing retention rate; but the sad fact IS that most MLM’s have a very low retention rate (5-15%). I’ve tried other companies under these circumstances; and they just DO NOT work for long term, residual income! When I went with a new network marketing company, I specifically looked for a higher retention rate. My company’s retention rate is at 80%; and my team’s retention rate is 100%. THAT, WILL WORK!!!

  22. Ladies and Gentlemen, I think some of these posts are great and some, well……I agree its about high retention rate, and I focus on the part-timers because they will build my business. However, if your MLM company does not have the right business model from the beginning or the right policies and procedures, you will be destined for failure. In Monavies case the business model is driving the behavior of the distributors in the company. If the MLM company you join is all about recruit recruit, i would run run run! All MLM companies have great products, but not all have proper business models and proper leaders! It amazes me the amount of people that join a company from excitement and products! They are never shown how to look properly at the compensation plan, they dont do their back ground check on the company, they don’t do any checking at all. How many of these companies these days are bragging that they have private jets, private golf courses, and huge office buildings with thousands of employees! Why are they bragging about this stuff?? All this tells me is that they are building huge overhead, where does the money have to come from? From the backs of the distributors. My advice to anyone out their is find a mentor that can show you how to navigate yourself through all the smoke and mirrors. There are great companies out there and great training, but there is some knowledge you must gain to find them.

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