Tara Wilson – ViSalus Hits $80,000 Per Month

Tara and Chris Wilson - ViSalus


Tara and Chris Wilson, started in ViSalus in December 2010, they became 1 star Ambassador by March 2011, 2 Star Ambassador by June 2011 and 4 Star in November 2011 with a $100,000 bonus.

Building up a team of 12,000 people in October 2011 and reaching a $46,000+ month income in November 2011.

As of June 2012 Tara and Chris are 5 star Ambassadors with a whooping  $80,000 monthly income with 53,000 customers and distributors topping $7,4 million team revenue a month.

As Tara and Chris have grown and become students of the Direct Selling industry, they have discovered one true certainty  – that Network Marketing is the most fun, rewarding, so called “work”, that they have ever done.

To have an opportunity to get up each day and help people achieve their goals is more rewarding than any paycheck they have ever received.

They strongly believe that this business is built one person at a time, focusing on forming solid business and personal relationships that create a positive environment for lasting success.


Tara Wilson ViSalus


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