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Aaron Fortner currently resides in Carlsbad, San Diego, USA just minutes away from several of the most beautiful beaches in California. He has developed deep ties to the area by being very active in the local community. Miami and Denver have also been his home for months at a time over the past several years.

Aaron is currently a 5-Star Ambassador in ViSalus, with a promoter team producing more than $13 million a month in sales.

His team proudly represents more than 150 active 6 and 7 figure earners and many thousand full-time distributors across North America. What’s even more remarkable is the speed of growth, from zero to over 50,000 promoters in 2 years.

His personal earnings continue to climb and are currently around $100,000 a month.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Aaron.

Aaron, what attracted you in the business model, why did you decide to put your time and efforts in?

At 17 years old, visiting a friend’s house, I stepped into my first Network-Marketing presentation. His parents were Amway diamonds and easily a couple of the nicest and most generous people I had met in my life to that point. I knew there was something to this way of doing business that would change my life.

After a several years of “roller-coaster” free-enterprise business experiences in my early 20s I enrolled at the University of Colorado in Boulder earning a Masters degree in business and started a career as a CPA accountant at a big 4 public accounting firm.

The years of Corporate work was an invaluable professional experience but for me, I knew it would be ultimately unfulfilling as a life’s work.

With some soul-searching I realized I needed to look for new mentors that could help me develop a career helping and leading others through Network Marketing. Within 6 months of that decision I had replaced my income with the right opportunity and quit, never looking back.

Network Marketing is by far the coolest business model in the world. Financial freedom is only one of many benefits, although it’s a BIG one. It’s the ultimate lifestyle choice that focuses on developing meaningful friendships with some of the highest quality people that share a value in service.


Aaron Fortner Italy Tara Wilson and Aaron Fortner

Top Earner fun in Italy

On Stage in Miami for 16,000 attendees


Why did you team up with your sponsor?

I am so proud of my personal sponsor Jason O’Toole and his fiancé Jennifer. They are amazing people that I'm honored to call them friends and business partners. Over the years, I’ve seen them go through the hard times and pull through with integrity and now climb to the top and handle it with grace. This business is about trust and the people you choose to sponsor with/work with will make a tremendous impact on your success over time.

How did you build such an impressive team, what is your secret?

Our leadership team at ViSalus runs the most disciplined strategy and empowering promotions on a monthly basis that I’ve ever seen in any Company, anywhere. The talented people I run with genuinely care about helping good people get a big win and always check-in to make sure they feel great about the process. I personally focus on developing people from the inside and people’s checks on the outside.

The most important rule I follow is that everyone is important and has something valuable to contribute to the community. Equally important is knowing that their is never a need for entitlement in our business, consistent humility and generously giving credit to others is the best investment someone can make in their career.


Aaron Fortner's Team Leaders – Among many others

Rachel Jackson ViSalus Tara Wilson ViSalus Molly Dalbec ViSalus Jennifer May ViSalus
Rachel Jackson Tara Wilson Molly Dalbec Jennifer May
Aleah Brock ViSalus Andrew Murray & Marie Torres ViSalus Angie Ostogic ViSalus Cedrick Harris ViSalus
Aleah Brock Andrew Murray & Marie Torres Angie Ostogic Cedrick Harris
Dani McDermott ViSalus Dustin and Andrea Sullenger ViSalus Dusty and Amanda Devaughn ViSalus Emony Oldaker ViSalus
Dani McDermott Dustin & Andrea Sullenger Dusty & Amanda Devaughn Emory Oldaker
John Lynch ViSalus Kenny and Kelley Gregg ViSalus Kim and Mike Stuart ViSalus Larry Beacham ViSalus
John Lynch Kenny and Kelley Gregg Kim and Mike Stuart Larry Beacham
Lawrence Tam ViSalus Patty Rottman ViSalus Penny Franke ViSalus Renee Chase ViSalus
Lawrence Tam Patty Rottman Penny Franke Renee Chase
Roger Langille ViSalus Ryan Yokome and Kris Britton ViSalus Sarah Crocker ViSalus Sarah and Shawn Murphy ViSalus
Roger Langille Ryan Yokome & Kris Britton Sarah Crocker Sarah & Shawn Murphy
Sha Brock ViSalus Shanna Brock ViSalus Summer and Shawn Lisk ViSalus Tami and Andre Popa ViSalus
Sha Brock Shanna Brock Summer & Shawn Lisk Tami & Andre Popa
Tami Bixby ViSalus Toby and Layla Black ViSalus Tracy Matthewman ViSalus Tyler and Mimi Ford ViSalus
Tami Bixby Toby & Layla Black Tracy Matthewman Tyler and Mimi Ford
Ken & Tina Hockmuth ViSalus Bill and Dena Brock ViSalus Pat Scheffler ViSalus Kyla Holt ViSalus
Ken & Tina Hockmuth Bill & Dena Brock Pat Scheffler Kyla Holt


Do you have a few tips for a Newbiein MLM

  • Always follow your heart. Know that in time heart will always trump talent, so invest wisely and believe in its power to create change in your life and inspire others.
  • Accept that team-building is a personal development venture as much as anything. If you want your business to grow then it’s almost certain that you will need to get out of your comfort zone and grow yourself.
  • Find mentors that share your values and find a way to learn from them.

Who have been your mentors or inspirators?

I am deeply grateful to many mentors and friends that inspired me to be my best, Jason O’toole, Michael Van Masters, Nick Sarnicola, Jonathan Budd, Tara Wilson, Rachel Jackson, Dale Peake, Rick and Elaine Lynas, Jennifer May, Cedrick Harris, Jeffery Combs and MANY others.

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