5 Tips How To Set Up Your MLM Business

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This week our question comes from Charles. We featured part of this question in our Monday Kick Start. Charles was concerned that the people he recruits want to be spoon fed and he said he was frustrated.

Today, he writes:

“I need help trying to juggle things, pay bills, earn money and try to recruit and then teach. I think I should quit my day job to try with the M.L.M.”

While Charles isn’t pointing to a specific question in this statement, I’m going to infer what he’s asking – How do I get it all done while working a full-time job?

First off, Charles’ enthusiasm is apparent, but there’s too much going on to keep it alive – as we saw in his frustration with helping his downline.

So, I’m going to lay out a few steps for all of you to follow when you get to this point – overwhelm. It’s easy to do and it’s easy to get lost in it – to the point of inaction.

  1. Decide to DO the business. I’m not sure where you are, Charles, but this is a good place to start with the overwhelm. You need to make the decision to do the business and get effective at it. The next few steps are to help you get effective. But you must make this decision to do it before these steps will work.
  2. Write down how you spend your time. Are you watching football three nights a week instead of “doing your business?” Are you playing golf twice a week? I recommend you track your time every 30 minutes. Also, be sure to note where your mind was during that time. Was it on the task at hand (your day job or your golf game) or was it on something else (your network marketing business or money problems)?
  3. Decide what you really want. Do you want to quit your day job and focus on your M.L.M business? Or do you think quitting your job is the answer to more time? You need to decide what it is you really want – a supplemental income for your regular job or a large organization that makes you $10K a month. Then you need to set your priorities around getting to that first thing on your list.
  4. Decide what’s worth a short-term sacrifice. I personally wanted to leave the Navy and needed an income of $10K per month to do it. So, I gave up three treasured hobbies – shooting guns, working on cars and biking 50-100 miles on weekends. I gave them up in the short-term for my long-term goal – earning $10K per month. Once I reached that goal, I could add back in any hobby I wished.
  5. Create a plan for each day. I explain this in much deeper detail in my free report – How to Build a Huge M.L.M Business Part-Time. I call it my Daily Operating Procedure. It told me exactly what I was going to do each day to get to my $10K/month goal. I broke down my tasks by hour of the day around my full-time job. So, there was no thought in planning other than filling it out each evening before I went to bed. I recommend the Pocket Tracker to help you track your time and activities.

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