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The Global Strategic Alliance of bHIP and BodHD is attracting a virtual Who’s Who in the MLM Industry with legendary trainer Jim Lutes coming on board as a Distributor this week, as well as other big names soon to be announced.

When you say the name Jim Lutes in any MLM or Direct Sales company chances are someone in that company has attended one of his dynamic trainings over the last few years. That’s because Jim, who’s been in the industry for more than 20 years, is ranked as one of the Top 50 Industry trainers. In addition, he’s been a company owner, a master distributor and million dollar producer. His reputation for helping networkers, from beginners to pros, reach new levels of achievement in a fraction of the time is unparalleled in the industry.

Jim says the bHIP and BodHD alliance brings together the best of the best when it comes to some very important tangibles like Products and Corporate/MLM experience and innovation, but also some equally important intangibles related to timing and positioning.

“This alliance is honestly brilliant!” Jim enthusiastically stated. “I call it reverse engineered expansion.  What it does is give everyone who joins a sense of comfort because bHIP is firmly established and growing in International markets, yet is virtually a new company when it comes to the nucleus of growth that’s about to occur in North America. This situation is unprecedented in the industry and it’s one of the main reasons top leaders in the industry like me are joining.”

Jim intends to use his experience, as well as everything bHIP and BodHD are bringing to the table to create “head-turning momentum” in the industry for everyone involved.

My philosophy is simple, build the people and the people will build the dream Jim stated. It does not matter where a person starts, only where they finish.

BodHD  and bHIP joined forces in August to create one of the most exciting and powerful global strategic alliances in recent Networking Marketing history. Part of the alliance includes a massive marketing campaign utilizing bHIP’s proprietary anti-aging DNA Repair (AC-11 technology) products. The campaign called b:Exceptional includes a program allowing anyone to purchase three full size DNA Repair products for only $50, an 80% savings off the $250 Retail price. 

In addition, every Distributor can earn a $50 bonus on every b:Exceptional Kit sold during this limited time campaign. bHIP, which is in its fifth year in business, is projected to do over 75 million annually in sales, mostly in international markets spanning more than 30 countries. Its global headquarters is located in Melissa, Texas, with additional support facilities in St. Paul, Minnesota and Branson, Missouri. The North American Sales and Marketing Office will be headquartered in San Diego, California.

For more information, please contact:

Tammy Boonstra

bHIP North American Sales and Marketing Office

San Diego, California

(760) 597-2427

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