3 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Network Marketing

Masa Cemazar


By top earner Masa Cemazar

In the last report of the WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations), out of 117 Million people involved in direct selling / network marketing companies world wide  a staggering 76% are women and as high as over 80% in USA, Australia, Canada and UK.

In some countries our representation is extremely high, like for example in Japan it is over 90% (check for more information here).

Is your organisation attracting the women who are producing results for themselves and their teams? I think today smart female leaders in our industry also look out for their team and this is why I have decided to put together today’s post and give you a few pointers how you should craft your marketing efforts to attract more powerful and strong women to your team.

1. Women are Driven by Belonging to a Community

We all know that this is the key for our profession – it is creating a community of like-minded individuals that are going in the same direction. So maybe in our marketing we need to show-case the community that women would be a part of, if decided to join our teams.

What experiences would women that join our team be a part of? What are the value of the community that they will be a part of?

2. Women Thrive on Being Able to Help Others

Network marketing is really the best business school for everyone who loves helping others (according to R. Kiyosaki), but I believe that women thrive on this especially. Usually, women have an extremely high willingness to help, understanding of others and even sometimes have the tendency to sacrifice themselves too much for their family and friends.

But they are an incredible assets to the organisations in network marketing, because they enjoy helping anyone around them and contribute enormously to the community. In our marketing efforts we should show case how women are supported in our business and how they will be able to pass on the knowledge and experiences and make a difference in thousands of other lives.

3. Women Love Creating Their Purpose and Being Recognised for it

Having the chance to work for themselves is for many women an opportunity to take the first step to their independence. I am not speaking just financial independence, but also the fulfillment of their purpose and being recognised for their achievements. The network marketing environment, community and associationg help women find their true purpose in life and what is more impoartnt, in network marketing they will be continuously recognised for their achievements and active pursuit of their purpose.

When approaching and interacting with women, we should focus on how network marketing can change their life and help them find the real reason they want their independence.

So now that you understand more why our profession has a female majority – what are you going to do today to suit your marketing efforts to attract more women to your business?

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