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Jennifer May is one of the highest paid 2 Star Ambassadors in ViSalus Sciences. She resides with her 2 beautiful daughters in Forest Lake, Minnesota, USA and is previously from Phoenix, AZ, USA Growing up in poverty and living in poverty until she found the Body By Vi Challenge, she was determined to make a change in her life while changing thousands of other's lives.

In September 2010 she partnered with ViSalus, some incredible Mentors and within 12 short months went from a Single Mom not able to pay her bills, put gas in her car and thousands in debt to a multiple six figure income. Now earning over $39,000 a month, she is proud to say not only has she turned her life around but has helped so many others do the same.

Since starting this a very short time ago she has built up a team of 9,545 promoters and 20,190 customers. This is just the beginning, she says, there are so many more lives we have to impact. 

Her purpose is to inspire change in other's lives on both the financial and health level. She drives purely from heart and puts every ounce of her spirit into her team and the people she helps. It is her goal to keep changing thousands upon thousands of lives through the ViSalus Vision (Life, Health and Prosperity). Anyone who has worked and personally met Jennifer can say she is not only a person who inspires change but believes in others before they believe in themselves. Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Jennifer.

Jennifer, before ViSalus did you had any experience in MLM?

I had my first taste of Network Marketing at the age of 21 years old, I just had my first daughter and was looking for a way to create an income from home, due to the fact that I was only earning $1,000 a month serving tables in the Restaurant Industry it was necessary for me to find a solution. My first 3 to 4 years in the industry were unsuccessful to say the least. I spent those years delving into quite a few different options that just did not pan out. Even though they did not work out, I definitely found myself more knowledgable and skilled through the process.

I spent the next 3 years in a Company that provided a learning ground and base to get me here today. It is what I call my Semi Success. I was making a very minimal income for the results I had achieved, I knew it was not for me from that point on, especially because my team members were not making an income. My time in that opportunity was successful in the fact that I enrolled over 400 new people to partner with me, became a Top Producer and Recruiter, won awards, trips, etc. However, after 3 years, I realized not only was I not earning the income necessary to change my life but neither were my team members. And that is what really hit home, I needed to help others and it wasn't the vehicle to do that.
With that, I honestly am so very grateful for the opportunity to have spent that time with some incredible people and learn a good portion of what I needed to be successful in Network Marketing. The relationships and experiences were an integral part of my path. To learn and grow through those 3 years, I can only say a huge thank you to those who were on that journey with me.
What attracted you in the business model, why did you decide to put your time and efforts in?
I had spent 7 years in the industry to that point and knew exactly what I was looking for. Myself and my Business Partner, Amanda McClellan had sat over a very solid, visionary phone conversation in regards to what we were looking for together and the vehicle that would allow us to complete the vision we had to impact other's lives.
The business model was so on target to creating true momentum, stories, results and had every aspect required to allow the average person to become successful. It also addressed one of the main issues in our world today, health. Watching and going through the simple system myself as I was introduced, I knew without a doubt ANYONE could do this. It was simple, easy and fun. It is a culture, a community, a movement, a Family. I was attracted to the people and stories. The business model's simplicity and success was a huge bonus. 
I decided to put my time and efforts into this community because I knew exactly where it was going. I knew the lives it would impact, the changes it would make in this world. As a unified front we come together to create change and impact thousands upon thousands of lives. I not only wanted to participate in that movement but put every ounce of my energy into creating many other Leaders that would do the same.
Jennifer May Told U So Jennifer May Daughters

Jennifer May and team

Jennifer May Daughters
You were broke when you started, was that your burning desire?
Jennifer May GirlsI would have to say yes and no. I have never been a person driven by money but also needed it on every level. Life was hard, I was scrounging up change out of my daughter's piggy banks to put gas in my car. My electricity and phone were being turned off every month and I would find myself working endless hours at my serving job just to make ends meet, which they never met of course until ViSalus.
So yes, being broke was a huge drive to create a different lifestyle, to create financial and time freedom, to be able to stay home with my daughters and not miss a minute of their life. To be the one to take care of them each and every day.
However it is mainly a no, because I couldn't look at my life at that moment. It was not the prettiest picture to say the least, so focusing on the lack of money and need for a change would only hold me back, would hinder me from doing what creates results, which is helping others. I chose on the day I joined ViSalus Sciences to run my business as if I were already Ambassador, as if I already had the income. My choice was to focus on others and how I could help impact their lives. My vision was clear as to what was to come, so my burning desire was simply to help others, to inspire change. And I went all in, with every ounce of my heart coming from that place.
Why did you team up with your sponsor, did you get a lot of support from your upline?
Well, I actually knew before hand the importance and power of partnering with the right person due to being in the industry 7 years at that point. The Leaders that have what you want, that are where you want to be and are willing to put forth the time, energy and heart into building your business along side you is an integral piece of the puzzle. Myself and my dearest friend and business partner, Amanda McClellan came in on this journey together. We had chose to find a Vehicle together and go all in. I chose Amanda because we had the same vision, the same drive and our hearts were aligned with what we could do for others.
I had all my trust and faith that we could do this together and I would not be here today without her. We chose our upline together. I am blessed with the fact that Amanda knew an incredible man and our Mentor, Aaron Fortner. As she realized he was in ViSalus after knowing him from another live event, we knew that he just might be the one. The day we got on the phone with Aaron Fortner and Jason O'Toole we knew that they were exactly the support we were looking for, not only for ourselves but for the team and community (the Family as I always say) we were about to create.

Just a couple months into the business we were blessed with three more amazing Business Partners, Molly Dalbec, Rachel Jackson and Tara Wilson. As Molly Dalbec partnered with me, I found Mentorship within our relationship that helped steer the way to success.

All I have to say about the beautiful Rachel Jackson and Tara Wilson… CRUSH and BOOM, you girl's are absolutely amazing and you inspire me everyday! Aaron connected us all and they brought the energy, the drive, the urgency needed for us to go to the next level. The support, the mentorship, the guidance, the love, the belief that I get from my Upline Mentors is beyond words.

I cannot express the appreciation and gratitude I have for what they have contributed to this journey. There is not a day I cannot reach out to them. I have learned everything I know from them, not only in conversation but in the fact that they lead by example day in and day out.

Jennifer May's BMWWhat is the size of your team and earnings, is your team in the USA only or in certain states?

My team has grown exponentially in the last 2 years. I will say that my Community has the most incredible Leaders. I would not have been able to create such a large team without the hard work, energy and drive of all my Leaders.

I am proud to say that we now have over 9545 active promoters and over 20190 active customers within my team. Ending last month with over 4.5 million in group volume is the most profound part of this, because that is the proof that it is not about my paycheck, it is about building other's paychecks. We have got so many Leaders built through this team that have changed their lives on an epic level.

As a single mom how did you deal with building up your business and your single mom duties as I guess it was not easy to combinate?

I honestly would not say I had to deal with the situation. It was what it was. I took responsibility of every choice and action up until that point in my life, no matter what the circumstances were or what other people decided to do. So it was not that I felt I had to deal with it, I felt it was just a part of the process, I was ready for what was going to have to happen, I had a positive mindset in the worst of times.

In difficulty and disheartening circumstances we find strength, peace and courage to do what most would not be willing to do. That is exactly what I did. When you do not have a choice, you do what you have to do no matter what circumstances are in the way. I found it liberating, beautiful and actually one of the most transformative times in my life to learn how to balance taking care of two beautiful little angels on my own while building a successful business and for the first 4 months working outside the home 45 to 50 hours a week as I built my way to freedom. 
The day I became a a Single Mom, the day I started ViSalus, I chose to dedicate all of my time, energy and life to making that change that year. By 12 months I knew where I would be, so I prepared myself for the sacrifices that it took. And when I look back, every moment I had to dedicate to this that year was absolutely worth it. One year of sacrifice to spend the rest of my life enjoying my daughters, no question in if I should make it work but that it just had to get done.
To answer your question fully, it is not always easy as a Single Mom. But if you are willing to make this a top priority, you put this up there on your list right with your children, you choose to MAKE the time and work that time on what creates results… you will find yourself right where you know you should be.

How did you build such an impressive team, what is your secret?

I truly believe it comes down to hard work, heart and a passion for helping others. In addition to affirming, visualizing and knowing exactly where you and your community will be. You see when I started this journey, it was not a hey, let's see how this rolls out. It was an exact vision of the community we have today, I saw it before I saw it. I knew exactly what we were going to create. 
Along side two of my dearest friends, really my Sisters, my Business Partners Molly Dalbec and Amanda McClellan… we chose to come together as a unified front, a leadership for our community, to show that love, guidance and that leading by example will take you to exactly where you want to be. I honestly know that this team would not be here today if it was not for them, their dedication, hearts and ability to inspire so many every day. And of course our Incredible Leaders, Friends and Business Partners Rachel Jackson, Aaron Fortner and Tara Wilson. Their roles were so very important to the growth and creation of this team. 
The base of true success in a community as large as ours is that you build up leaders, you find those who want to help themselves and you choose to take responsibility with them, to run with them. You don't tell people what to do, rather you show them what to do through your own actions. You focus on the newest person always and building their paycheck, creating their story and in the process the entire team moves up together. 

Single Mom In Poverty To Multiple Six Figures In 12 Months

I find that the most integral part is that I drive from heart not the mind. I choose to care and love deeply for my team members and those I come in contact with every day. I do not believe our minds run the show, I believe our hearts do and when you can build, drive and work from the heart everything else follows. The paychecks, the ranks, the success… it is inevitable to arise if you are truly going out there to change lives.

We take out why people are failing in those areas in this industry. Recruiting new team members in my experience was always learning a script, learning to pitch, then learning to close. For the average person, which is 96% of this world, that is not what most are open to or can learn within an hour of starting their business. It took me years to gain those skill sets and master them.

What we have done is take those out of the equation by simply creating a simple system that has a very comfortable approach, followed by tools that we use to do the talking for us and Leaders that invest their time and energy to help those looking at the opportunity see how this can help them, where we can make that impact in their life. This allows that newest person to achieve success on much higher level because all they are doing is sharing, getting their prospect to a tool and bringing a Leader in the equation to share their story.

It comes down to relationships in this industry and with our simple system we allow our team members to focus on just that. Which is really the core ingredient to succeeding not only in creating your paycheck but others at the same time. Duplication is based upon everything I just said, giving a system that works and the newest team member the ability to focus on what creates results, which is relationship building.

Jennifer May's Team Leaders – Among many others

Rachel Jackson ViSalus Molly Dalbec Brooke and Jade Rhein ViSalus Christine Ferraro ViSalus
Rachel Jackson Molly Dalbec Brooke and Jade Rhein Christine Ferraro

Dani Nir McGrath ViSalus

Melissa Bufford ViSalus Rozlyn Pearcy ViSalus

Anita and Lee Yarbrough ViSalus

Dani Nir McGrath Melissa Bufford Rozlyn Pearcy Anita and Lee Yarbrough
Aleah Brock ViSalus Andrew Murray & Marie Torres ViSalus Angie Ostogic ViSalus Cedrick Harris ViSalus
Aleah Brock Andrew Murray & Marie Torres Angie Ostogic Cedrick Harris
Dani McDermott ViSalus Dustin and Andrea Sullenger ViSalus Dusty and Amanda Devaughn ViSalus Emony Oldaker ViSalus
Dani McDermott Dustin & Andrea Sullenger Dusty & Amanda Devaughn Emory Oldaker
John Lynch ViSalus Kenny and Kelley Gregg ViSalus Kim and Mike Stuart ViSalus Larry Beacham ViSalus
John Lynch Kenny and Kelley Gregg Kim and Mike Stuart Larry Beacham
Lawrence Tam ViSalus Patty Rottman ViSalus Penny Franke ViSalus Renee Chase ViSalus
Lawrence Tam Patty Rottman Penny Franke Renee Chase
Roger Langille ViSalus Ryan Yokome and Kris Britton ViSalus Sarah Crocker ViSalus Sarah and Shawn Murphy ViSalus
Roger Langille Ryan Yokome & Kris Britton Sarah Crocker Sarah & Shawn Murphy
Sha Brock ViSalus Shanna Brock ViSalus Summer and Shawn Lisk ViSalus Tami and Andre Popa ViSalus
Sha Brock Shanna Brock Summer & Shawn Lisk Tami & Andre Popa
Tami Bixby ViSalus Toby and Layla Black ViSalus Tracy Matthewman ViSalus Tyler and Mimi Ford ViSalus
Tami Bixby Toby & Layla Black Tracy Matthewman Tyler and Mimi Ford
Ken & Tina Hockmuth ViSalus Bill and Dena Brock ViSalus Pat Scheffler ViSalus April Williams ViSalus
Ken & Tina Hockmuth Bill & Dena Brock Pat Scheffler April Williams

Kyla Holt ViSalus

  Kyla Holt    

What are your plans for the future?

I have a few, very large visions for my team, the amount of people I want to help and giving back on much higher level. Over the next 5 years I intend on creating hundreds upon hundreds of six figure plus income earners within my team, change the health of thousands upon thousands of lives and in the longevity of the income that is consistently growing I will be opening up a foundation that focuses on helping and supporting Single Parents in need. 

Most importantly my main goal is to bring a much higher level of awareness to change in this world by my words, actions and participation within not only our Community but others as well. Which will include publishing my very first book, giving back to several foundations and contributing my heart and energy through social media and local communities to allow inspiration for a better life to be born into new minds and heart.
Is there something you do not like in MLM or would like to improve?

Honestly, I love this industry to the core. It brought me out of devastation, heartache and a miserable way of living. I see so many incredible life changes within what we do in Network Marketing, there is not a better vehicle to change one's life.

ViSalus Team

ViSalus Team

Do you have a tip for a Newbiein MLM?

Become fully open and coachable, be a follower, a sponge for not only the industry but for those that are where you want to be. Partner with the people who have the results and are willing to give their guidance, support and love upon your journey. In addition to that be very wise about your choice of opportunity, look at the facts, the figures, the success stories. How many six figure income earners do they have? How many average people have created success? How much have they grown? Is what you are choosing to do simple, easy, fun and duplicable? 

Find a home where there is community, where there are several people who support you every step of the way. Grow yourself, your confidence, your skill sets on a daily basis and never stop being a student. Be willing to open up to the books, resources and people that will allow you to grow on a personal development level and become that Leader you are destined to be.
Talk to people, the purpose of this industry is to Network (hence Network Marketing). So your job as a true MLM Professional is to constantly build relationships, grow your network and build trust through conversation. Get out their and genuinely care about others and how you can help them. Learn more about them, let them talk about themselves verses talking about what you have going on.
Last but not least… people join people not products or opportunities. You must have faith, belief and passion in every conversation, in what you are doing. When people feel, see, hear passion they automatically gravitate towards it, mainly because most want that in their lives. If you have a goal, which you should, see it before you see it. Know it is already done and take massive action on the tasks that create the results to ensure that goal becomes reality.
Don't think… just DO!
Who are your mentors and did they play an important role in your success?

My Mentors are the foundation to the results, success and life changes that not only have happened in my life but our team's lives. They have become the number one industry professionals I look up to and listen to but also my dearest friends, more so my Family. I want to thank them for constantly believing in me, in my vision, in who I am and always providing their never ending support, love and guidance. I would not be here without you!

Love and appreciate you Aaron Fortner, Amanda McCLellan, Molly Dalbec, Rachel Jackson, Tara Wilson!
Tara Wilson Aaron Fortner Rachel Jackson Molly Dalbec
Tara Wilson Aaron Fortner Rachel Jackson Molly Dalbec
Amanda McClellan

Amanda McCLellan

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  3. I’m where you started. Single mom, 2 daughters and house almost lost. You are an inspiration and I hope to learn and be inspired by the great leaders within Visalus, Great interview!!

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