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Direct Selling Association President Joe Mariano describes in this Network Marketing / MLM video how direct sales embodies the American Dream. He discusses how nearly 16 million direct sellers today earn income through their independent businesses that contribute to the U.S. economy.

As with any business or industry, direct selling is not without controversy. Some of this controversy arises from legitimate issues and concerns, and some is based on outdated stereotypes or misunderstood (or misrepresented) information. The good news for consumers is that many leading direct selling companies are working to address questions about direct selling honestly, proactively and transparently. is an important part of that effort. The site, a project of the Direct Selling Association, is dedicated to:

* providing factual information about direct selling for consumers, sellers and the general public.
* addressing common misperceptions and misinformation about direct selling.
* providing a forum for identifying and addressing contemporary issues, concerns and questions about direct selling.

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