Herbalife Versus Bill Ackman – HLF is Winning…

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Seems Bill Ackman is losing his batlle agianst Herbalife. Shares of Herbalife are soaring today. 

The multi-level marketing company that sells nutrition products is up more than 8%

Herbalife is the stock hedge fund fund titan Bill Ackman has been shorting. Ackman, who runs Pershing Square Capital Management, is short more than 20 million shares of HLF.  He believes the company is a pyramid scheme and has a price target of zero. 

Not everyone agrees with Ackman, though. A number of hedge fund managers, most notably Daniel Loeb of Third Point LLC, have gone long the stock. 

Shares of Herbalife are still down more than 5% since December 18, the trading session before Ackman confirmed his short position.  At one point the stock tumbled more than 38%, but has pared losses in recent weeks.


Herbalife Stock Up


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  1. An 8% jump in their shares considering they were at $70 earlier last year and when its below Dec is NO indication of Herbalife winning.

    Herbalife needs to win the ‘legal’ war now the SEC is investigating. The company will be very vunerable and so will our whole industry unless the SEC and FTC states that the ‘pyramid’ claims are incorrect.

    The great challenge Herbalife has is that less than 1% of people who joined as Distributors made an interesting income.

  2. Herbalife is a great Company, I am not a distributor with them however I owe my fantastic start in MLM to Herbalife back in 1984. They are a well run business with wonderful people, and karma says Bill Ackman will regret the day he picked a fight with Herbalife, and so he should, how dare he,

  3. Given that Ackman is running Google ads for Herbalife searches, it’s amazing that the SEC isn’t investigating him for stock manipulation. I think it’s obvious to anyone but the totally stupid that this whole charade has been nothing more than a money grab.

  4. I can appreciate the hard work HLF has done to bring them to the forefront of recognition. This to me is a sign of the paradigm shift where individuals are taking 100% responsibility for their health care needs by partnering with companies and practitioners alike.

  5. Networkers need to unite instead of smearing each other. If there are products you use in different companies, support more than one network company. The goverments and rich elite know if everyone joined a”good” network company and actively worked it poverty would be greatly reduced and goverments could not “keep us in financial bondage”.

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