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Terje Sannarnes was born in 1975 in Kristiansand, Norway. He and his wife Mirjam and their three wonderful children (2 daughters age 8 and 5 and the youngest, their son, aged 3) still live in Terje’s hometown, Kristiansand.

Terje is a highly recognized and respected Search Engine Optimization Expert in Norway, and the founder of the website

Terje has spent thousands of dollars on search engine optimization tools and countless hours training on SEO techniques. Terje has also met with success in network marketing and direct sales online and is a firm believer that you can achieve anything once you set your mind to it, take steady consistent steps and never ever give up.

Terje’s goal is to help others to find their God given talents and to guide them to prosper and grow in them. If you are thinking of becoming an online MLM entrepreneur but do not know where to start, you will want to read this interview.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Terje Sannarnes concerning this important service for MLM web owners.

Terje, what are your SEO tips for MLM or Network Marketing affiliates?

Things have certainly changed over the last year Ted. Now more than ever social media is playing a very important role in the development of your online presence. Sales are not happening without social engagement. People want to know who the person is behind a product or brand.

Now with the advent of Google Plus, I would have to say that every MLM or network marketing affiliate must have a Google Plus profile and at the very least a personal blog. Fresh content is what it’s all about. And linking your website (or blog) to your Google Plus profile establishes authorship and presents you as the authority or “go to” person in your area of expertise.

Creating a SEO blog is a major element in your online campaign. Blogging provides an MLM entrepreneur with a wide range of unique advantages and creates the perfect forum to engage with people. Blog visitors can easily turn into subscribers and clients.

It’s obvious that social networking sites are extremely popular today. So, communicating with people through these websites is a must. Of course they must be mindful of the 80/20 rule whereby they offer 80% value and exciting or entertaining content and 20% of the posts can lead to your blog where you have more value but also have an opt in where you can build your list.

Terje, what are your suggestions for SEO experts who wish to become Online Entrepreneurs?

In order to become successful On-line entrepreneur you must learn how to stand out among the other SEO experts who provide the same services that you do. If you have just started your business, you should aspire to get large projects. Small projects will help you get more experience and create a high-quality portfolio. If someone starts criticizing you, try to respond to it correctly.

Keep in mind that your potential clients may read all that is written about you. Be always polite even if it turns out to be difficult. As you can see, the Internet provides a lot of money making opportunities for SEO experts. If you are tired of your current work, you can become an online entrepreneur and be your own boss!

Today not only SEO experts, but the other people as well are searching for freelance jobs. If you are an experienced SEO expert you can start your own business and develop it successfully. There are a lot of reasons why SEO experts start looking for freelance work. In fact, there is no need to worry if you still do not know how it can be done.

But back to your question Ted, I would like to tell you about the most effective ways to become an online entrepreneur. First of all, let’s discuss the main advantages of freelance work. The most important advantage is that you become absolutely independent and work the way you like. Freelance work will enable you to make your own schedule and plan your work day. In fact, you must be a highly trained SEO expert in order to be able to attract the attention of the clients.

Providing only high-quality services will help your business develop properly. Some people suppose that there is nothing difficult about online work and they can start getting high income immediately. The truth is, SEO experts must work hard in order to find a good and profitable project. A lot of people dream about starting a home-based business and making it prosperous. Now you are going to find out how this aspiration can be realized. Due to the fact that online business is developing successfully and the vast majority of business owners have their own websites, SEO experts are highly demanded today.

Terje, how can SEO Experts parlay their skills into the Network Marketing arena?

It is beyond doubt that freelance work is the best choice for enterprising people. If you are an experienced SEO expert, you can use the services of freelance websites in order to find the projects you are interested in and start to form relationships and to network with like minded network marketing entrepreneurs.

Network marketers who work with web designers may also need a SEO expert. Thus, you should start cooperating with web designers who will recommend you as a reliable specialist when the right moment comes. Participating in conferences is the quickest way to get acquainted with those people who need SEO services.

In this way you will be able to attract new clients and become a successful entrepreneur. You can find out about the upcoming conferences reading SEO forums or SEO blogs. While you are still building your portfolio to show to your clients, you can offer some of your services for free. This way, you will get the additional experience and one more project for your portfolio.

SEO forums are the ideal place for attracting clients and partners. On forums you can find a lot of people who need the services of a SEO expert. Incidentally, you can also find SEO agencies in your city and start cooperating with them. All social networks have communities. However, if you fail to find an SEO community, you can always create one yourself and attract participants. And if you really want to find clients and become a successful network marketing entrepreneur, you should participate in various SEO contests.

However, creating a website is the most effective way for network marketing entrepreneurs to attract clients. Describe the services you provide, write several articles about SEO and the main website promotion techniques that you usually apply. It would be interesting for your potential clients to read this information, find out what kind of a specialist you are and whether they can trust their websites to you.

Then you can have an opt in form on your blog that gives some useful information that people will opt in for. Give tons of value and be sure to have an “opportunities” or “work with me” tab on your site where you can offer your MLM or network marketing business to your clients. People have already gotten to know you through your range of SEO services. They recognize you as an expert in your field and are accustomed to doing business with you. The next steps follow quite naturally.    

Terje, what are your recommendations for getting best results with SEO?

When you create your website always ensure than you pay close attention to the off page SEO techniques. This pertains to all your written online content. You are “writing for the web”. Your article/blog post/single web page or press release must be at least 400 characters, and if it is a blog post it ought to be 800 words, to be able to create the authority in your content which Google loves!

On your website, first of all you will need to make sure you include a <h1> formatted Title which includes the keyword you optimize the page for</ h1> Make sure that it is a Catchy title which SPARKS the readers to continue to read the article, press release or blog post. Your first sentence needs to include the same keyword as the title, and should also be such a good sentence that when the readers see it they will read it all! You will also need to do the same for your sub-title “h2” and “h3”.

When you wrap up your blog post or article, ensure that you use the keyword in the last sentence. But it is important to make sure that all the keywords placements look natural and give the readers value when they read the post.

The truth is that all of this “off page SEO” stuff are the absolute basics of SEO. The real magic happens when you get into more in-depth aspects of search engine optimization. This is dealt with in more detail in my Free Report

Terje, give us some words of wisdom for MLM and Network Marketers ?

If someone starts criticizing you, try to respond to it correctly. Keep in mind that your potential clients may read all that is written about you. Be always polite even when it seems difficult to do so. Humility is far more appealing than arrogance and your online persona is a public arena.

Another thing is that it really doesn’t make sense chasing a number of rabbits down multiple holes. Find a business model that you can stand beside, one that you like the product and can zealously promote it with a clear conscience and go for it!

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