TVI Express Founder Tarun Trikha Arrested In India

Tarun Trikha


The news first broke on Facebook, then pictures emerged, then a screen cap of news report (in Hindi) seem to confirm that Tarun Trikha, Founder of TVI Express, which may have involved up to 7 million members worldwide, had been arrested in India.


Apparently the Indian Criminal Investigative Division took Tarun Trikha into custody at Delhi airport,  when the news leaked and the victims held an demonstration while Indian Criminal Investigative Division guarded the prisoner (who chose to hide his face with a towel).




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  1. Well, I only like Tarun on one side because he has a high working brain which he had used artistically to scam the whole world. But I don’t like it that people have loosed their hard earned money. Just only his brain. He is a genius. His work was crafty with a sophisticated technology. The guy is an international trained criminal, and on the other hand, I despise him because of his mischievous, malicious and selfish intent which he has used on the whole world. I am a victim of TVI Express. I have really really loosed in that scam. My friends to that effect have also been ripped off!
    The question now is, what will be the hope of the victims?

  2. I 2nd that Mr. Humphrey. This site is AWESOME! Not everyone will agree with everything but the information I found to be very fair. Keep it coming Ted. ( :

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