Andrew And Nancy Burling – Talk Fusion Hit Grand Blue Diamond

Andrew And Nancy Burling, Talk Fusion


Andrew and Nancy Burling hit the rank of Grand Blue Diamond.

Talk Fusion Grand Blue Diamonds Andrew & Nancy Burling of Wisconsin, USA already had a successful relationship marketing business in place when they decided to join Talk Fusion. With more than 40 years’ combined experience in the industry, they weren’t actively looking for a new opportunity.

“Everything is here and in place for Talk Fusion to become a billion-dollar brand. It’s nice to have finally found our home after all these years.”

So what was it about Talk Fusion that made them decide to join?

“Talk Fusion is a global company, with state-of-the-art virtual products that are sweeping the world. No inventory, no sampling, no shipping and no packaging,” says Andrew.

“I have known Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina for more than 18 years,” adds Nancy. “We know Bob’s integrity and work ethic.”

Andrew and Nancy attended Talk Fusion’s VISION Corporate Event in Tampa, Florida, in August 2011. What they saw at that life-changing experience convinced them that Talk Fusion was the perfect vehicle to take them to their dreams.

The couple immediately dedicated themselves to plugging into Talk Fusion’s simple, proven system, and quickly climbed the ranks by sharing the company’s cutting-edge Products and Opportunity around the world.

Having achieved the rank of Grand Blue Diamond, Andrew and Nancy are a true inspiration to those looking to change their lives by helping improve the lives of others. They now tour the world with Founder & CEO Bob Reina, VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts and other Talk Fusion leaders, helping others to achieve success from Russia and the Czech Republic to Mexico, South America and beyond.

“‘Giving’ best describes the culture at Talk Fusion,” says Andrew.

“Bob has been there and done it in the field,” Nancy says. “He is a proven leader and a proven CEO that we are honored to have as a friend.”

Talk Fusion has allowed this committed couple to maintain the lifestyle they achieved working in the industry, giving them financial freedom as well as an opportunity to help others around the world to build a successful future.

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