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I Have A Dream Show is an Interactive Web TV Online for people wanting to become (on-line) entrepreneurs. The show has live airing during the week and is accessible worldwide through a computer or mobile device. I Have A Dream Show is hosted by Princess Fizz (UK).

The idea was to share other people’s dreams and success to inspire people to dream again and take action to make those dreams come true by following footsteps of those who have achieved theirs. In short period the show is getting the attention of many people and gaining high level of popularity.

Princess Fizz herself has a powerful story. She is from the middle east and born to an important royal family amongst the arab world. Due to living in a male dominated society, her dreams were being crushed just for her being a female.

She always believed in freedom from a young age and with one powerful decision took a huge step to empower her dream for freedom by sacrificing her family ties and rich lifestyle to creating her own reality and living a life on her terms. She resides in UK and has become a successful self-made entrepreneur.  She now encourages others to also live life on their terms and be free.

The online show features successful Direct Selling entrepreneurs from around the world who are earning six to seven figures per year either by creating their own products or working with existing proven systems that help generate income as affiliates. The entrepreneurs fall into the 1% bracket of income in the world.

Famous entrepreneurs that have been featured on the show include Millionaires Com Mirza, Ray Higdon, Reza Mesgarlou, Tracey Walker, Shaqir Hussyin, Justin Verrengia, and 6 figure earners Nicole Cooper, Miles Segers, Tissa Godavitarne, Robert Mercado, Paulo Barroso and many more.

They share their secrets to success LIVE. By tuning in you will learn that you do not have to start with great amount of money in order to start your own business. You will be able to become an entrepreneur from the comfort of your home by being open to ideas and systems that existing users have had success with.  This is your chance to get out of your shell and get the most out of your life.

This is also a great opportunity to ask questions for a live answer. These entrepreneurs charge $1000’s for coaching sessions and it is an ultimate chance to get free business or marketing advice to help you get started.

Princess Fizz really taps into the minds of her guests on the show to reveal the real answers to becoming successful in whatever you desire and to eliminate the misconceptions of the online/network marketing industry of “Get Rich Quick” ideas or programs that have been promoted and clear the industry’s reputation.

The aim is also to re educate people when it comes to online/network marketing that it has to be treated like a business and requires hard work, dedication, positive attitude and a strong desire for success. By listening to her guests on the show, you will find they are perfect examples of what type of person it takes to be successful and for you to model and help shorten your own learning curve.

The show seeks to give answers to the problem of poverty and the conditioning of the society and to encourage you to dream again by listening to the dream of others that have achieved them so the viewer can model their success.

Our society constantly teaches every person that the best way to secure your future is to get a job that requires you to be busy every single day and work until you reach the point where you can get the pension that you deserve. With this type of mindset, people are forgetting the fact that they have so much potential that can make them rich and successful. This is a traditional way of thinking that will not only make you suffer for the rest of your life but will also limit your ability to soar and achieve a better life.

I Have A Dream Show will give you a once in a lifetime chance to change your life into a better one. You will be guided into getting the best out of your own skills and abilities. All you need to do is to give a small portion of your time and prepare yourself to be free from financial instability.

It is never too late to start and success is never too far from where you are. It is all based on a strong decision 🙂

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