Limitless Worldwide Expands Into Asia

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Limitless Worldwide™ has been making a name for itself in the network marketing industry. Although it’s a relative newcomer, its line of science-backed products, partnerships with athletes and celebrities, patent-pending TriBrid Overlay Compensation Plan™ and NSF Certified for Sport® formulations have all helped set it apart. And now the company is expanding internationally with upcoming plans to begin making its products available in Asia.

The international expansion is building on all of the success Limitless Worldwide has experienced over the last year.  Thousands of distributors and customers have recognized everything Limitless has to offer and have joined its ranks.

The company has introduced a number of exciting, highly researched products. And Limitless has even had the opportunity to partner with celebrities and athletes to help spread the message about its breakthrough, science-based product line and business opportunity!

The move into Asia will, however, lead to some changes for the Limitless product line. “We’ve conducted a huge amount of research to make sure we represent our company accurately to the Asian market,” says Melyn Campbell, who — along with her husband, Steve — cofounded Limitless Worldwide.

“We want to make sure our branding and messaging help Asian consumers and business owners understand just what it is that makes each of our products so unique.”

“For example,” Steve explains, “after researching the Asian market, we learned that it’s overrun with traditional energy drink products, and we realized that because of its name, Spark™, our 'Reaction Time Accelerator' could be mistakenly placed in this category. Because of this, we made the decision to change its name to Reaction Time Accelerator.

We want the people of Asia — and people everywhere — to understand that our Reaction Time Accelerator is a next-generation formulation that does so much more than just give you energy. It can also speed up your reaction time, increase your alertness, and improve your mental focus.”

And both the Limitless executives and the company’s distributors are thrilled about having their products available in Asia. “All of our products are backed by compelling clinical research and can make a real difference in people’s lives,” says Melyn. “We’re beyond thrilled to be able to offer these formulations to the people of Asia.”

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