Talk Fusion’s YOU CAN! Event In Russia A Massive Success!

Allison Roberts, Talk Fusion, VP


Talk Fusion`s You Can! Event held July 2-6 in St. Petersburg Russia turned out be a huge success!

Travel to Russia to kick of the festivites began on July 2nd, on Talk Fusion’s 7th birthday.   The Talk Fusion Executive Team, accompanied by Blue Diamond Cedric Penn, boarded a private jet from Tampa, Florida to the beautiful cityscape of St. Petersburg Russia.

On July 4th, the team went on a rainy, yet exciting and informative guided tour of St. Petersburg, visiting incredible historical landmarks, and a host of breathtaking monuments.

Following the Historical Tour, Founder & CEO Bob Reina and VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts hosted the Top Leaders to a Leadership Dinner at the luxurious Percorso Italian Restaurant at the Four Seasons hotel.

You Can! Event – Day 1 Recap


The first day of the You Can! Event was filled with motivation, costumed entertainment, and presentations. It was a celebration of Associate recognition and awards, and heartfelt testimonials from Top Leaders including Blue Diamonds Cedric Penn, Natalya Tarkhova, Svetlana Shodunke, and Artur Katchanov as well as Presidential Blue Diamonds Minh & Julie Ho.

You Can! Event – Day 2 Recap


The final day of the event closed things on a high note! Motivation and Success were the themes of the day as Founder & CEO Bob Reina and Top Leaders gave the crowd the vital concepts of the “Millionaire Mindset,” Power Prospecting, and Making Your Dreams Come True!


To top off the event, 1 Star Associates and above went on an incredible sunset dinner cruise through the main canal of St. Petersburg. It was one last chance to celebrate their accomplishments and the outstanding entertainment and life-changing information from the You Can! Event.

Future Events:
There are even more power-packed events happening in Russia! On the heels of the amazing success of the You Can! event, Russia will play host to another big Talk Fusion event on January 9 & 10 in Ural City, Ekaterinburg!


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