Carl and Dot Stanitzky – Nerium Hit $400,000 In Career Earnings

Carl and Dot Stanitzky, Nerium


Carl and Dot Stanitzky, from West Monroe, Louisiana, USA are married 31 years and Carl is one of the Die Hards in the Direct selling industry.

In 2011 Carl joined Nerium International when the company was about 3 months old.  He earned over $100,000 his first year, over $200,000 his second year, and this year has gone over the $400,000 lifetime earnings with Nerium. His team is all over the USA, Canada, and launching Mexico in October.

Carl will celebrate his 70th birthday, and says that he loves this industry because of the friends he has made and the fact that he can continue to help others learn that THEY TOO can become DEBT FREE, and live the life they deserve.

Carl graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS Degree in Math in 1967 and an MBA in Management in 1969.  Carl worked his way through college selling Bible Reference Books with the Southwestern Company from 1967 thru 1969 where he distinguished himself as both a top salesman and a top recruiter, and became known in that industry as THE RECRUITING MACHINE.

Upon graduation from Texas A&M Carl took his first job as Sales Manager for the Tom James Custom Apparel for Men’s Store in Ft Worth, TX.  Over the next 4 years, worked his way to the Vice President of Sales position with Tom James.

One of Carl’s clothing customers convinced him that he would do well in the Insurance business and he began a career in 1973 which spanned over 40 years from Sales, to Agency Owner, to Vice President of the company in Ft Worth, TX.

The same year (1973) that Carl began his insurance career he began his first taste of the Network Marketing Business with AMWAY.  Carl could see the value of having a home based business with the extra tax advantages of a home based business plus he liked the concept of buying direct from a company and building a team of distributors to help them earn extra income while also building his own RESIDUAL INCOME. 

Carl was earning a very high 6 figure income in the insurance business so he never made a lot of money in the networking business until he got serious in 1993 and decided that hw wanted to take his skills of TEAM BUILDING he had learned selling Door to Door in college and then again with Tom James, and then in the insurance business.

And use these skills to build a network marketing business.  Carl quickly began to excel once he transferred his being a Top Recruiter to being a Good Sponsor and over the next 20+ years built a reputation of being a LEADER that his Team could count on to be honest and have Integrity and be there for them on 3 way calls , follow-up, and Personal Mentoring.

Carl became a Top Income Earner in several companies reaching incomes exceeding $50,000 per month with one company, and $40,000 per month with another. 

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